Karma: hunter killed by wild boar he tried to shoot

It sounds cruel and it sounds as if I’m nasty but I’m pleased that this hunter was killed by the boar that he tried to shoot. I call it karma. It’s about time. Next time I want to see an African lion kill an American sport hunter and I want to see an elephant do the same thing and so on and so on until American trophy hunters stop paying tens of thousands of dollars to entertain themselves by shooting iconic wild species on the African continent.

In this instance, a hunter died after being attacked by a wild boar in Germany. The man was 50 years of age and on a hunt with 12 others near the north-eastern town of Greifswald last Sunday. Witnesses said that he fired a shot and then went into reeds where he found the male boar. The boar attacked him. He suffered serious injuries to his left thigh and fell into the water. He died in hospital.

🙂 Karma.

Source: Times Newspaper

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