Kate Beckinsale’s two Persian cats go flying in a private jet and it’s fun

The headline is: “Alright Captain, where are we going to today?’ Kate Beckinsale shares hilarious video of her cat Clive ‘flying a plane’ as she travels on a private jet with her beloved pets”. Beckinsale was travelling with her fellow cast members from her latest TV show Guilty Party (shot in Calgary, Canadawit) in a private jet. She loves animals so she takes her animal companions with her in style. It is nice to have a bit of fun to keep her 4.7 million Instagram followers entertained. Note: this was safe as the aircraft is on the tarmac.

Clive prepares to fly the private jet
Clive prepares to fly the private jet. Screenshot from video on Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram page.
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It seems that Kate Beckinsale likes to post comical pictures of her companion animals on social media. In the first video you see Clive who is a pointed flat-faced Persian cat. These cats are called Himalayans. They are known for their docility. She was flying last Sunday and it seems that the real pilot allowed Clive to sit in the left-hand pilot’s seat to allow them to play this game that Clive was flying the aircraft. The captain says, “Alright captain, where are we going to today?”

You can hear Kate Beckinsale giggling slightly in the background so is pretty clear that she set it up and enjoys a bit of fun which is nice. In another section of the video, I think we see her other Persian cat whose name is Willow. I believe that she is female. I’ve written about her cats before which you can read by clicking on this link.

Cats in private jets – so much better!

What I like about the video is that from a cat’s perspective it is so much better to fly in a private jet than in a jumbo jet, in the hold! Or even if a cat is in the cabin in a carrier under the seat it is nowhere near as good as being able to wander around the interior of a private jet. As you can see, Willow looks out the window which is entertaining. This is something that might be fairly new although I expect Beckinsale flies in private jets quite a lot. It’s just so much safer for a cat to fly like this where they can be supervised. I wonder if Beckinsale chooses this form of transport because of her cats and her dog? It may be a factor.

Can you imagine putting your cat in a carrier and the carrier goes into the hold where the luggage is, on a long flight? I just don’t think it would work for me no matter how desperate I was to take my cat with me. That’s partly why I don’t travel anymore! There have been some accidents at airports when cat carriers have broken open and they’ve gone missing, hiding in nooks and crannies within a vast airport which makes them very hard to find. Can you imagine it? The agony of it all would be very distressing.

Beckinsale also has a dog and he, too, is fluffy. She likes fluffy animals. Does that tell us something about her? She likes cute and cuddly but then pretty well everyone else does so is quite normal. Although, the very long fur of contemporary Persians can be problematic because they can’t groom themselves properly. And this very popular cat breed does sadly have inherited health problems because of the extreme breeding. I guess you know about that because it has been written about quite a lot.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.


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