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Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs — 12 Comments

  1. Ich möchte dich gerne mal kennen lernen habe dich im tv gesehen und dachte nur…..wow …

    Translation by Google:

    I would like to meet you once saw you in the tv and just thought ….. wow …

  2. The children, my fingers got ahead of my mind, Leonie and Andreas are so beautiful and sensitive, imaginative, intelligent. Beautiful, just like their parents and their furry litle spotted kits!

  3. She looks Cherokee, doesn’t she? I’ve always loved her, wo even knowing her in person, she and her husband Martin and their crew. Never, ever have I–nor expected to–see one criticism of their love for these beautiful creatures. Their A1, whether Supreme or F3, SBT, cats are loved by them, and the science/love that goes in to their farm is exceptional.


  4. Dear Katherine, serval this is my dream, I want kitten, ready to fly to you from Ukraine, I read on the internet that this is necessary to enroll in all, please write me in 2014 will be ready to buy a kitten, now please put me in the least, please contact me my email pa*************@ra*****.ru

    • Hi Tania. This is Michael. I own this site. I have been to A1 Savannahs twice and know Kathrin and Martin Stucki well. The best way forward is for you to contact A1 Savannahs by phone or email. They have a website and their contact details are on the site.

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  6. From Malaysia interested in savannah cat (petshop)can u give me more infor n how to bring in to malaysia pls

    • The best thing for you to do is to contact A1 Savannahs. They have a website. If you Google “A1 Savannahs” you will find it and there are contact details on the site. Thanks for visiting.

  7. these cats are amazing i would like somemore info on them as to how they r with kids because i have 2 and i am interested on bringing one of these beautiful creatures to my home. please email me asap thank u for responding sincerly jennifer

    • Hi Jeniffer. Thanks for visiting. The Savannah cat is great with children like any other well socialized cat. You just have to make sure the cat is socialized properly. A1 Savannahs do great work on that. But if you are not too far from A1 Savannahs in Ponca City, OK, it is best to go and visit. This will allow you and your children to become acquainted with individual cats and to satisfy yourself that things will work out nicely. Bottom line though: Savannah cats are great with kids.

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