Katie Price’s new guard dog rips tail off one of her hairless cats and the other scrams

For PoC’s International readers, Katie Price is a British celebrity, constantly in the news even though she is well past her sell-by date.

Hagrid and Dobby
Hagrid and Dobby
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She likes animals and has a menagerie. However, she has had some bad luck with animals or is it bad management or caretaking?

Recently she adopted an Alsatian guard dog, Blade, for protection against kidnapping. Who is going to kidnap Katie Price? She’s broke.

Sadly, rather than protecting the family, Blade attacked it. He went berserk and attacked Price’s Sphynx cats. She has two: Hagrid and Dobby.

Blade ripped the tail off Dobby and Hagrid scrammed out of the home and disappeared for five days.

Price and Blade
Price and Blade. Photo: BackGrid

A source said:

“Katie brought in Blade to keep the whole family safe but the plan backfired spectacularly when he suddenly turned. Before anyone could stop him he’d ripped Dobby’s tail off. Katie and the kids love their animals and it was horrible for them to see the cats in pain. That’s why Katie got a pet counsellor.”

Price has called in a pet counsellor to see if she can bring harmony among her animals. I severely doubt whether the counsellor can ensure that Blade will not attack the cats again. It is simply impossible to envisage that.

It appears that Blade does not like cats and he’s a danger to them. I guess Price did not check that out before adopting him.

He’ll have to go back to the breeder or rescue in my view. I am afraid it looks very messy and what about those hairless cats? They will be terrified as long as Blade is in the home. He is currently kept away from them.

It is just not going to work out.

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