Katy P’s health continues to improve

Katy P recovering at, I believe, the Humane Society of Richland County

Katy P recovering at, I believe, the Humane Society of Richland County who took the photo.

At at July 20th: This is another update on the improved health of Katy P, the long-haired tabby cat injured by a firecracker . She is living at the Richland County Humane Society having left the Phillips Animal hospital.

She no longer requires medication. That’s a great sign.

“She eats and sleeps and glares at us, so she’s a normal cat”, says the shelter director, Houghton.

She’s been described as ‘mellow’ and well adjusted despite her traumatic experience.

Katy P spends her days in the director’s office where she shares the room with a bearded dragon! At night she stays at the clinic.

Her bowel movement is fine and she uses the litter box. They believe that she will make a full recovery. But her tail was amputated to prevent a worsening infection and so she’ll not make a complete recovery. But domestic cats do fine without their tails. We are told she has a bobcat-like tail. Combined with her tufted ears and tabby coat she looks somewhat like a bobcat.

A drainage tube was fitted and has now been removed. Her stitches are scheduled for removal next Friday.

The Investigation

The investigation by the Mansfield police into finding the culprit has so far failed to bring success despite a $24,000 reward. Houghton says the reward is substantial and she is hopeful it will produce results. If you have information please call 419-774-4795.


Katy P will not be available for adoption ’for some time’. When it is time for adoption applications, the Humane Society will post an update on their Facebook page. They are setting up visiting times to prevent Katy P being overwhelmed. They expect an avalanche of adoption requests when she is freed for adoption.

That’s great of course but they want to make the point that there are many other deserving cats awaiting adoption. They have 60 at the Richland facility. Without wishing to preach and be boring there is a moral issue here. To adopt Katy P is fine but if the reason is to adopt a celebrity cat this is not so fine.

Katy P Fund

The Humane Soc. have set up the Katy P Fund for animals injured by people. Donations to it will fund medical costs. Donations can be made to: www.adoptourstrays.com or by mailing the humane society, 3025 Park Avenue West, Ontario 44906.

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