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Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary Hit Again By Red Tape — 36 Comments

  1. Well I’ve heard it all now! All at Kays Hill have to do a training day as part of these licences, Training to do what they have been doing for years! Crazy!
    I think Kevin and Leanne could teach those trainers more than they will ever know.
    The good news is that through kind donations, even small ones which are adding up, they have raised half the money they need for the licences.
    It’s very hard with people needing help too with Christmas not so far off. In our own town ‘Peoples Centre’ they are asking for donations to make sure poor people get good cheap dinners throughout December.
    We don’t have much but this reminds me that we have more than some.

  2. I totally agree with Michaels comment on cat behaviour we find when cats come into rescue already labelled by previous owners, their behaviour and temperament does change dramatically once they settle into a safe environment and a steady routine as most cats are creatures of habit we find cats can tell the time better than us, this is also why we try and keep the same volunteers feeding and cleaning cats as something as simple as a strange volunteers that smells of the wrong perfume or their own cats can have a dramatic effect on a unstable resident and knock them back even set them off spraying in their pens

  3. Ollie is a beautiful loving friendly cat you could not wish for a gentler nature and she adores every new visitor to kays hill but her past is very shady she was brought to us by a guy saying she was so nasty he could not keep her it belonged his new girlfriend and hated his dog no good with his kids, if we did not take it, it was going to be put to sleep well we thought it must be a mountain lion the way this guy described her yet we felt so sorry for her as she has a damaged eye and metal plates in her leg from an old road injury so I agreed she could hopefully join our feral cats here well within hours we could see this is no bad cat she was a sweet baby and has been ever since it just goes to show people will tell you any old lie if they don’t want an animal any longer we don’t know her age for definite but she is around ten years at a guess and is beautiful we love her so much even when she brings back a wild rabbit for lunch but hey ho that’s nature for you cruel sometimes

    • It’s sickening the stories people make up to get rid of cats and it’s a sort of blackmail too, like with Ollie ‘If you don’t take her in she’ll be put to sleep’
      He’d probably have dumped her somewhere if the truth was known rather than paid a vet’s bill.
      Anyway she’s obviously happy at Kays Hill with her job as feline receptionist and who can blame her for fancying a rabbit for her lunch sometimes after the life she had before she came to you 😉

    • Ollie sounds beautiful. Gentle, loving character.

      Also Kevin when a cat behaves “badly” it is not the cat who is behaving badly but the person who is making the cat anxious and defensive. Almost all bad cat behaviour is related to bad human behaviour in one way or another.

    • your getting confused in your old age mr. plummer. Ollie was about 10yrs when she came to us so will now be about 13 yrs. I agree she is a total sweetie though.

      • At max, I guessed 10 years old. She looks wonderful; a testament to how well she is cared for.
        I would take her in a fast heartbeat; but, I think you would fight me for her. LOL!

  4. this is a pic of Ollie our resident meet and greet cat she adores people most may have seen her with ruth and babz pictures but she had to be in on the party and loved the attention

  5. people asked for a pic of Leanne well here she is after a long day at kays hill animal sanctuary as you can see all the stress turned her into a right witch

  6. Heaven have mercy, glad you picked up on the satire!

    I was merely wondering how someone can tap into a person’s savings account, nimbly deduct $700.00 or so (in our currency) and then, when the victim ventured to ask ‘What do I receive in return for that sum you’ve just snatched from my account?’ the grabber replied, ‘Why nothing, you pitiful fool!’

    What has your town’s bureaucracy done, so far, on behalf of KH’s sanctuary? Something? Nothing? Or do they contend that KH is a public nuisance and must be made to compensate the citizens for the ‘annoyance’ they cause by displaying goats, etc.? (Never mind that people enjoyed seeing the goat.)

    Again, the post-chat only expressed my failure to grasp the reasoning behind your bureaucracy’s sense of entitlement in concocting evermore money-making ‘licenses.’

    • A major part of licensing is to make money for the local authority – a form of tax. This seems to be happening more and more because money it tighter due to the world recession and banking crash which still affects us.

    • Kays Hill isn’t actually in our town, it’s a few miles from here in the wilds of wanny, but they do take in needy animals from all over the surrounding area.
      They get no financial help, they depend on fund raising which is why it’s important to have the necessary licences and be able to leave the site to reach the public.
      That goat just stood quietly and happily munching and being petted in one small area of the car park, it was only that jobsworth looking for trouble.

  7. Its just so sad there ought to be a limit on how many licences are applicable and if its more than 2 for example they should have just one that envelopes all the others! £400 is such a lot of money when you are already strapped for cash 🙁

    Its just so sickening when really they ought to bring back dog licences to make people more responsible! If they did then I’m sure less dogs at least would end up in shelters because only people who could afford them would get a dog!

    All I can say is well done Leanne and Kevin for smiling in the face of hardship and adversity and up yours DEFRA!

    • Yes you are right Leah, they should bring back dog licences and make it compulsory neutering for pet cats and dogs too. Irresponsible people just dump their animals on flimsy excuses or abandon them at the gate and walk away and leave struggling Sanctuaries like Kays Hill to care for them.

      • I know Ruth and these people have no idea and nor do they care about all the work and money that goes into caring for the animals that they’ve dumped!

  8. The Halloween party went ahead, I expect Kevin or Leanne will be along when they get a minute, to tell us about it. I saw on facebook an amazing photo of Leanne as a witch lol I hope she will share it here 😉

  9. Another of your eloquent essays, Ruthie! One that raises questions.

    The Kay’s Hill staff are working themselves into the ground trying to help unwanted animals. Measured against their dedication, what benefits are these fists-in-your-pocket ‘crats conferring on the commonwealth?

    What service are they rendering? Or are they only meeting the costs of upkeep? Third option: do these license fees represent a smoldering, mass-euthanasia agenda?

    With their manicured nails, petal-soft hands and ergonomic, buttocks-caressing swivel chairs, have these officials contributed to the Kay’s Hill endeavor? Or has it been funded by volunteers who drop off cans of food at Babz’s office, by troopers such as you and your sister who organize fund-raising events to bring in a few more donations?

    If this isn’t naïve, a monetary transaction is a tradeoff – is it not? – of goods or services for currency. That being so, what goods or services does K.H. receive in return for being dunned with these fees? Or are the fees compensation KH owes for the world of hurt it’s caused the community?

    (1) Is the ‘Pet Shop License’ repayment to the townships for losses sustained when KH is open to the public more than one week a year? If so, what is the nature of these losses? If they aren’t tangible, are they abstract? On second thought, were the three or four chairs, coffee & tea and cookies the Trap? So far from helping the animals, were these small refreshments a money-making scheme instigated to feather with mountains of goose-down the nests of Kevin, Leanne and their assistant?

    (2) Does the ‘Performing Animal’ license cover the janitorial costs of cleaning up poo left behind in the school and at other locations? Do the KH staff and its charges cause still more mind-numbing damage to such premises and fairgrounds?

    (3) What is the ‘Falconry License?’ Is it a fee to restore private property trampled by visitors?

    (4) What is the special ‘Vehicle License?’ Aren’t vehicles already licensed in the UK? What convoluted logic justifies a SECOND license levied on a van carrying ill or rescued animals? Are these passengers so cumbersome, the wheels of the van crush the asphalt? Does this fee pay for filling in potholes gouged in the roads by Kevin in his Enemy of the People commutes?

    Is there only one explanation? Do these fees reflect the wanton destruction Kay’s Hill inflicts, blow after blow, on the public weal?

    There’s a saying reminiscent of what you describe in your essay, Ruthie: ‘If you could sell excrement, poor people wouldn’t have a******s.’

    • I had to read your comment twice before Babz and I decided it was just irony and you were not getting at the hard working caring Kevin, Leanne and Dan who work from dawn until late night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, caring for 300 + animals and birds. Their volunteers too work with enthusiasm and with love for the creatures they help care for. I already said this area would be a terrible place for the unwanted, some abused creatures if Kays Hill was not there. The licences are truly necessary for the Sanctuary to do a good job. No healthy animal or bird is killed there, if they can’t be rehomed, they stay there for life. RSPCA reports say the North East is one of the worst areas for cruelty to animals, so education by Kevin and their crew is desperately needed and Babz and I fully support they need those licences to be able to do a good job. Another thing is that if Kevin didn’t comply, those bureaucrats would be on the look out to swoop on anything they could. A few weeks ago they were fund raising in a supermarket car park with one quiet well behaved goat, we called to see them, people were admiring the goat and giving a donation. Along came an ordinary looking man with a shopping bag, oh but he was someone official and made them take the creature back to Kays Hill because they hadn’t got the bit of paper needed.
      As I already said, it’s as if those people think up things to make the hard work and worry of keeping a Sanctuary afloat even harder and that makes me feel very annoyed and more determined than ever to help them when we can.

  10. It gets from bad to worse for compassionate animal rescues.
    These licenses are mandatory?
    It says a lot that they stay so positive considering all that happens to them. They have had more than their share of hard times and tragedies.
    I admire so much.

    • Without these licences they’d be very restricted as to what they could do, so even if not mandatory, they are for the good of the Sanctuary.
      They have come on so much from when we first met Kevin, it must be around 10 years ago now and have survived through all sorts of hardships!
      They never turn a desperately needy animal away and every single one is loved and cared for and they somehow find wonderful homes for the ones who can be rehomed. The unrehomable ones staying there for ever look very content and happy.
      I really don’t know what we would do in this area without Kays Hill.

  11. It’s a shame that they have no luck because they’re such genuinely nice and kind hearted people who only want to help the animals, they seem to have been bogged down by red tape for years and just as it seems they’re making headway along comes some more rules and restrictions. But they will carry on as they always do, fundraising and caring for the animals that no-one else wants, I don’t know how they keep it up, from early morning till late at night in all weathers and still cheerful!

  12. Further troubles, Kays Hill was hit by a storm last night which has devastated the Halloween Party preparations…..but as Kevin says
    ‘The show will go on’
    We can only admire him.

    • this pic shows the second time the gazebo up-ended. we had already got it back onto its feet when the wind caught it again and as you can see i’m climbing under it and you can just see dans feet as we are going to lift it up and start putting it back together again!! by the time we were finished there was so much ‘duck tape’ bamboo rods and who knows what else holding it together we decided that if it went again it would have to stay over!!!!! however it stayed up and the party seems to have gone well. we had a ghost walk with me telling the tales of our meetings with spooks on site, and a few scares on the way, thanks to dan, dressed as a zombie hiding in a chicken pen and Helen, dressed as a long dead miner standing in a corner staring intently at visitors. it was all fun and im sure the screams could be heard in west Auckland. haha. we had games for the bairns and a fancy dress competition with very good prizes donated by jan, who also organised and ran the games all night. all in all it was a fun night after a VERY stressful day. after it was finally all over and the last visitor left at about 11.30 last night we went round the animals to make sure they were all well and the day finally came to an end sometime after midnight. people are now asking us to do another party for Christmas. I think I may hibernate instead. if anyone would be interested I could ask kevin to put some photos on of the Halloween party.

  13. This is depressing but it is inline with what we hear about businesses in the UK being bogged down by bureaucratic regulations, some or a lot of which stem from European Union membership.

    Everyone knows that red tape needs to be reduced to allow businesses and charities to flourish.

    I am saddened to read about this.

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