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Leanne at a fund raising coffee morning

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Leanne at a fund raising coffee morning

Although this article isn't strictly about cats, it is about a lady who spends much of her time looking after homeless cats and raising money on their behalf, along with all the other animals she helps care for at Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary.

Kevin and Leanne.

Leanne has been nominated for Star Radio North East Charity Fundraiser of 2012.

The nominations are for someone who has given generously of their time to raise funds for a charity of good cause.

Leanne has reached the finals along with 3 other people in the area and next week is to attend a gala evening when the winner will be announced.

She won't mind me saying that when she first found out, she was quite upset as she is a very unassuming person who doesn't like the limelight and she didn't even know she had been nominated, although all of us who know and love her, did know!

Not only does Leanne work early morning to late at night caring for all the animals at the Sanctuary, she stands for hours in Garden Centres and Supermarkets with a collecting tin for donations for the care they need.

She also mucks in with any jobs that need doing, such as the work in the new cattery being built.

She still isn't too happy about all the fuss and attention this is bringing her, but being Leanne she has accepted her fate and even bought a new dress for the evening occasion although she is far happier in an overall and wellies.

Kevin, another unassuming person, is going with her and we who know how hard the pair of them work hope they have a wonderful time and that Leanne is chosen as the winner.

I hope to be able to add a photo of her in her posh dress eventually.

GOOD LUCK Leanne, you truly deserve to win!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Feb 25, 2012 all good people NEW
by: leanne

as i said ed, i'm happy not to have won, its given me such a boost getting all this 'niceness' sent to me (and kays hill) via poc, i can be a bit anti - people sometimes, you come across some wrong-uns in this game, as i'm sure many of you have experienced, but sometimes i forget that there are genuinely nice people out there and having all your good wishes and the lovely things you have all had to say its reminded me of all the good people in the world. winning was never a priority for me, it was really nice to get that far, even if it did'nt feel nice at the time, HAHA. i'm not a very confident person with people, i don't feel i can trust people, when we come across so many that can hurt animals, i feel 'how can we trust anyone?' but you have all made me think that maybe there are more good than bad, there are certainly more good than bad on poc anyway. you lot are a great bunch. thank you all for your support, for me personally and for kays hill.

Feb 25, 2012 Never mind pet NEW
by: Edward

Man I couldnt believe it when Mrs Ed said you hadnt won Leanne I was sure you would being the best ever.
We like the photo of you man and Kevin its good amd what a good sport you are as well.

Feb 25, 2012 not spirits NEW
by: leanne

no michael, i was bad enough on wine without starting on spirits, i'd still be hungover!!!!

Feb 25, 2012 Well done! NEW
by: Barbara

So please Crystal has improved so much and very impressed that she has been found a new home so quickly! It was a lucky day for her when Kevin took her in.
Don't forget folks that you can donate to Crystal's vet bill, and any other resident of Kays Hill's welfare by using the donate button on this page https://pictures-of-cats.org/kays-hill-plea-for-help.html

Barbara avatar

Feb 25, 2012 Lovely photo NEW
by: Ruth

Leanne that's a lovely photo, it gives me a 'feel good' glow to see you and Kevin having a bit of fun.
I think a lot more people will love seeing it too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 24, 2012 Happy NEW
by: Michael

Two happy animal rescuers. Is that a half empty bottle of spirits being waved around! I'll tell you what, though, you deserve it big time. I admire you tremendously for the work you do.

Feb 24, 2012 Good pic NEW
by: Barbara

That's a really good photo, so glad you let your hair down for once. Cheers!

Barbara avatar

Feb 24, 2012 what a photo!!! NEW
by: leanne

kevin will kill me for that photo, he said he was getting rid of all evidence of the photos, that one was actually the best of a very bad bunch. we have been friends for a few years now, i'm not sure the friendship will survive this!!! there were photos of very bad dancing which will NEVER be seen by anyone, they're that bad!! never mind we had a good laugh, poor kathryn we kept deliberately embarassing her, oh well, it kept us amused. my double chin is'nt very amusing though, i never take a good photo. crystal the kitten is having her (hopefully) final check on tuesday and should then be able to go to her new home.

Feb 24, 2012 Thank you Michael NEW
by: Ruth

Thank you Michael for adding the photo of Leanne and Kevin enjoying their well deserved evening out.
It's so nice to see them relaxing as it's such a very rare sight !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 24, 2012 Oh no! NEW
by: Daphne

Hi Leanne no I don't much like computers.
Ed will be gutted you didn't win.
He should be home later and I can hardly wait to see the big soft lump.
He's a right flirt but if any lady took him up on it he'd run to me for protection lol
I'm glad you all had a good night out anyway.
(Mrs Ed)

Feb 24, 2012 Pleased to hear from you NEW
by: Ruth

So glad you had a good night Leanne and Kevin and Kathryn and your computer has rallied for now so you could come and tell us about it here.
Back to earth with a bump though, mucking out with a hangover, that's not fun lol
Hopefully Crystal will be OK to go to her new home soon.
Pleased to hear you took some piccies Kathryn, we'll look forward to seeing them.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 24, 2012 awards night NEW
by: kathryn

It safe to say that a good night was had by leanne and kevin.(I have the photos to show just how good a night it was). At one point I was totally disowning them. Talk about embarasing. But I'll let them off cause I'll get my own back next time we out anywhere, I'll show them how bad I can be.

Feb 24, 2012 the computers back on - for now!! NEW
by: leanne

thanks again everyone, i really don't mind not winning, there were people there with terminal illnesses, battling all sorts of things so to be truthful, i felt a bit of a fraud being there, i love what i do, most of the time anyway, so i don't need awards to carry on. we had a really good night, but i'm sad to say we drank much more than was good for us, as neither of us drinks much at any time the 2 bottles we sank before we even left the house and then the glasses of wine while we were out (
for my nerves you understand!!!!) left us feeling more than worse for wear yesterday. mucking out donkeys and pigs takes it out of you when you're more than a little hungover. it was a great experience, now that its over, and i'm very grateful to all of you for having confidence in me to win, i'd liked to have done just for you lot!! however it was a rare night out which we enjoyed and after the awards were over we danced like buffoons - what fun! i'd like to say hello to daphne - mrs ed, thank you so much for your good wishes, its nice to finally hear from you, i suppose you don't have much time for computers just trying to keep ed in check HAHA. as i said it was a good experience but not one i want to go through again in a hurry, my nerves could'nt take it. by the way crystal the kitten was at the vet again yesterday and her wound is a little swollen, not infected or anything, but it means she cant go to her new home just yet, it will only mean a few extra days though, other than that she's great, eating like a pig.

Feb 24, 2012 Another blow for Kays Hill NEW
by: Ruth

Just heard from Kevin that Kays Hill computer is terminally ill and they desperately need a new one.
Does their bad luck never end ?
So we won't be hearing from Leanne for a while I don't think.
It's a shame they have so many struggles when they are such good people.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 24, 2012 Still the best NEW
by: Barbara

Leanne you're still our winner, the judges want their heads looking at!
I hope you managed to enjoy the rare evening out anyway.

Barbara avatar

Feb 23, 2012 So sorry you didn't win NEW
by: Leah England

Leanne well done to you and`Kevin for reaching the final I so sorry to read you didn't win; you deserved to; I've homed adult cats (not as many as you!) and I know its hard work trying to get good homes. It's also rewarding at times but sometimes heartbreaking.

You both deserve all the happiness in the world for what you do for the cats in your care.

Feb 23, 2012 I can't believe it NEW
by: Ruth

Sad to say that Leanne didn't win, I can't believe it as I don't think anyone could possibly do more and give more to a good cause than she does.

Anyway Leanne, you are definately the winner to all of us and I hope you and Kevin enjoyed the evening.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 22, 2012 Rooting for you NEW
by: Barbara

I hope you have a lovely evening, once you get there you'll be fine, and if they have any sense at all you will be the winner! Can't wait for the news! Good luck xx
Good luck to Crystal xx
Hi Mrs Ed nice to finally hear from you, you've got a gem there in your Ed (but I'm sure you already know that) xx

Barbara avatar

Feb 22, 2012 Well Done NEW
by: Rosie

good luck leanne!! i wish u all the luck in the world 🙂 u deserve to do well after all the hard work u have done helping my dad!! ur awdiddly awsum n i cant believe im gonna miss seeing u in a dress.. haha but i hope u have a fab evening!!! xxxx

Feb 22, 2012 On his behalf NEW
by: Daphne

Hi Leanne,this is a first me on the computer!
But seeing as Ed can't get to one he made me promise to come on today and wish you a great evening from us both.
I think he'll cry his eyes out if you don't get your well deserved award.
(Mrs Ed)

Feb 22, 2012 That's good news NEW
by: Ruth

Good news about Crystal, yes a good omen too !
I think it's amazing the way you rehome so many cats.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 22, 2012 thank you NEW
by: leanne

if you're all not careful i'm going to end up crying, you're all brill for supporting me the way you have. thank you all again for having so much faith in me, i really do appreciate it and believe me right now i need all the confidence i can muster and all your good wishes have given me such a boost, its fab. by the way ruth, i've just spoken to simon who, hopefully is going to be part of crystals new family, they are coming to see her on sunday. a good omen?

Feb 22, 2012 Yes tonight's the night NEW
by: Ruth

We just knew you'd be working away there today as always.
I'd be terrified of all the attention tonight too but you CAN do it and we are all as proud of you as your lovely family are and rightfully so.
We'll be thinking about you and whatever happens you are already a winner to everyone who knows and loves you.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 22, 2012 very proud parents NEW
by: Ann @ Ronnie (Leannes mam @ dad)

Good luck to our very special daughter who has dedicated her life to helping and protecting animals that are in need of care.Hope you win tonight but even if you don't you're still a winner in our eyes and we will see you tonight when you bring your award back home.

Feb 22, 2012 good luck NEW
by: homesy homes

Gud luck Leanne u deserve it hun x

Feb 22, 2012 gud luck x NEW
by: homesy homes

Good luck for tnite leanne hun.. ya got nowt take worry bout hun Iv got my fingers crossed for ya x

Feb 22, 2012 so nervous NEW
by: leanne

todays the day, i feel like i'm heading for my execution i'm so nervous, the thought of having to stand in front of that room full of people fills me with dread, i hardly slept last night. thankfully, as ever, i've got plenty to do through the day to keep me going. i'll be back tomorrow to let you all know how it went. again thank you all for your good wishes, it means a lot to me.

Feb 20, 2012 Best of luck NEW
by: POC visitor

Best of luck Leanne,it warms my heart to hear about people like you in this gimmee gimmee grab grab snatch world.

Feb 20, 2012 A dual ? NEW
by: Ruth

Oh dear you'll have Ed and Ted fighting a dual next lol
Seriously though you can't fail to enjoy your evening now with all these good luck wishes and if you win the local hero award it will be the icing on the cake.
Come and tell us all about it please.

Feb 20, 2012 thank you ted NEW
by: leanne

ted is my new best friend.

Feb 20, 2012 Good luck NEW
by: Ted

May be a cliche but Leanne you sure don't look old enough to be a gran.
Good luck matey.

Feb 20, 2012 megan NEW
by: leanne

my 9 month old grand-daughter, megan, is very advanced for her age, wishing her nana good luck.

Feb 19, 2012 grandaughter NEW
by: megan

i hope you win nanna leanne, you deserve it after all you do looking after and caring for all those animals everyday. i am very prpud of you!! lots of love megan x x

Feb 19, 2012 well done NEW
by: Anonymous

congratulations! you deserve this award more than anyone 🙂

Feb 19, 2012 peep toe wellies!!!!!! NEW
by: leanne

ruth you're a genius, why did'nt i think of that? i've already got a hole in the side of my wellie where the pony, violet, stood on my foot, so it just needs taking off a bit further, maybe covering them in glitter too. high heeled, peep toe, bejewelled wellies. we could start a new trend with this one!!!!!

Feb 19, 2012 All your accolades ! NEW
by: Ruth

Leanne look at all your good luck wishes !
WOW !!!!
Maybe now you will realise how many people love and admire you for all you do and for being such a modest soul too.
Just been having a giggle at the thought of high heeled wellies with your posh dress, maybe you could cut the toes out too to make them more like evening wear lol.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 19, 2012 Rooting for you Leanne NEW
by: Anonymous

Good luck and even if you don't win be proud you have got to the finals.

Feb 18, 2012 high heeled wellies? NEW
by: leanne

glad to have made you both laugh ed and mrs ed. i was just thinking do you think you can get high heeled wellies? do you think i could get away with them in my frock? have a good trip ed and i'll certainly let everyone know if i win, but i'm not expecting to. its just nice to get this far. thank you again to everyone for all your good wishes. i hope you all realise that if i do win i'm going to become a proper diva, thinking i'm the bees knees.

Feb 18, 2012 Leannes old charmer NEW
by: Edward

ROFLOL Ive not got called old charmer before and you made Mrs Ed laugh as well as me.
What a to do with the pig sty I hope nothing like that happens when you are all dressed up and if you forget to take your bejewelled wellies off before you go they wont go down a treat with a dress.
I have to go on the road again tomorrow and I hope when I come back next weekend it says here you won.

Feb 18, 2012 Well done NEW
by: CJ

Good luck Leanne

Feb 18, 2012 Good luck NEW
by: PoC visitor

I don't usually comment only read but gotta say WELL DONE and GOOD LUCK to Leanne

Feb 18, 2012 congratlations NEW
by: Lewis (nephew)

congratlations leanne hope you win it 🙂

Feb 17, 2012 Well Done NEW
by: Stacey Dixon

Good luck Leanne! You certainly deserve it 🙂 xxx

Feb 17, 2012 Way to go Leanne! NEW
by: Colin and Susan

GOOD LUCK at the finals, we hope you win, you sure deserve to.

Feb 17, 2012 Best wishes NEW
by: Pam in Hertfordshire

Sending best wishes and good luck via Ruth who is posting this for me because I can't get my computer to post it myself.

Feb 17, 2012 Good luck next week Leanne NEW
by: OJ

It doesn't matter what you wear because on all of the pictures I've seen of you on PoC your heart of gold shines out.


Feb 17, 2012 GREAT NEWS NEW
by: Carol

Congratulations to Leanne.
Having read on here of all the good work she does I'd love to see her win this award.

GOOD LUCK from me and my family Leanne.

Feb 17, 2012 Good luck NEW
by: Bert T

I loved reading this.
After following the previous articles on PoC here about Kays Hill and all your struggles I feel like I know you and Kevin.

Kudos for reaching the final and I would love to be reading next week that you won.
Please come back and tell us what happens.

Feb 17, 2012 Well done NEW
by: Jane A

I love it that someone so worthy is getting recognition.
Usually people like Leanne are unsung heros yet they are worth a million 'celebrities' who get glory for their name alone.


I hope you get a prize.

Feb 16, 2012 Good Luck! NEW
by: James

Good Luck Glyn's Mum! - You should get a grammy award for giving birth to Glyn, let alone all the work you do on top of that! Congrats on the nomination, and good luck!

Feb 16, 2012 Good luck NEW
by: Tom G

Good luck Glyns Mum! Keep up the good work!

Feb 16, 2012 congratulations NEW
by: donna brown

hi hunny so so pleased for you well dont you sure do deserve it good luck dont think you will need it xxxx

Feb 16, 2012 good luck NEW
by: michelle

good luck glyn's mam! He's very proud of you and deservedly so 🙂

Feb 16, 2012 Very proud son NEW
by: Glyn (Leanne's son)

Hi mam me,Louise and Megan all wanted to say how proud we are of you and we know whatever happens you should be the one who wins it for all the hard work you have done.Good luck mam even though you don't need it.

Feb 16, 2012 Good Luck NEW
by: JimBob

Best of luck lass!

Feb 16, 2012 Well done Leanne NEW
by: Mrs M

Great news you've reached the finals and I too wish you all the luck in the world because you do deserve to win.

Feb 16, 2012 Good luck Leanne NEW
by: Barbara

You thoroughly deserve to win, you work so hard and are so cheerful even when everything is going wrong and falling down around you. Enjoy your evening and I hope you win, but if you don't you're still our hero(ine)!

Barbara avatar

Feb 16, 2012 thank you NEW
by: leanne

thank you ed, you old charmer you. as i've spent this afternoon mucking out pickle the pig after her water pipe burst and flooded her pen, what a nice comment to come back to. thank you for your kind thoughts mr.s ed.

Feb 16, 2012 A beauty and lovely with it NEW
by: Edward

Man you are a beauty Leanne I hope you read this page.
Im glad Ive come home early this week youve made my day and everybody is going to be happy if you win this heroines thing.
Mrs Ed says to tell you good luck from her she makes me behave says its alright to look and admire beautiful ladies from afar.
Good luck.

Feb 16, 2012 me 'posh' frock NEW
by: leanne

i dont think that some people would call my new dress posh, but believe me as i hav'nt worn a dress in over 20 years its posh enough for me to cope with. thank you all so much for your best wishes, i don't know that i'll win, just being in the final is daunting for me, but i'll certainly try and enjoy a bit of attention for the night. thank you all again.

Feb 16, 2012 Good luck Leanne NEW
by: Rose

If anyone deserves recognition it's you!
Have a lovely evening and I hope you win and please let us see you in your posh dress.

Feb 16, 2012 Congratulations NEW
by: Kath

Well done you are an inspiration.. xx

Feb 16, 2012 Good NEW
by: Michael

Good luck to Leanne. She deserves the award. She is a salt of the earth type. Very good but unpretentious. The best kind.

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