Kazakhstan man confesses to feeding human flesh to stray cats

NEWS AND VIEWS- KARAGANDA, KAZAKHSTAN – MARCH 2ND: In brief, as I don’t have a lot of hard detail, a Kazakhstan man, Arman, aged 33, invited his neighbour, Daniyar, aged 37, around to his apartment for a drinking session. They bought “several litres of vodka”! A recipe for disaster. Anyway he went around to Arman’s apartment where they set about draining their vodka bottles.

The apartment block
The apartment block. Photo: Astana TV.
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Several hours later they started arguing, unsurprisingly. The argument deteriorated into a physical fight and Arman grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Daniyar to death. He admits that he then sliced pieces of flesh off his former pal and fed them to stray cats outside his apartment.

Neighbours realised that Daniyar had disappeared and reported it to the police. They discovered that he was last seen entering Arman’s apartment and searched it. They founds the victim’s remains and arrested Arman. He is currently in custody where he confessed. The police said that the victim’s blood and flesh were found below Arman’s balcony.

Blood on the window frame
Blood on the window frame. Photo: Astana TV.

Apparently, the reason why he fed bits of the victim’s body to stray cats was to gradually get rid of the body and therefore get rid of the evidence. I think it would have taken a very, very long time to do it that way! Impractical, I’d say, wouldn’t you? Perhaps he was still drinking the vodka seeing as he had bought several bottles.

It’s reported that he was throwing bits of Daniyar’s flesh out of his balcony window to the animals below. You couldn’t make it up. This the kind of scene that you see in a horror flick.

The good aspect of this grizly story is that Arman was kind to cats. He is a cat lover! It was raw human flesh though. I am not sure they’d eat it. They probably did as it was bloody freezing outside and they were starving hungry.

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