Keep An Eye On Your Cat When You Are Not Home

The Philips In.Sight Wide Angle HD Home Monitor

“is a Wi-Fi camera that enables you to keep an eye on your home wherever you are via your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.”

Ideal for many caring cat guardians. Read more on the Apple store. This is the UK store. I am sure it is available in the USA and other European countries but please check.

Device for checking on pets when you are not home.
Device for checking on pets when you are not home.
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21 thoughts on “Keep An Eye On Your Cat When You Are Not Home”

  1. Not for me. Damon lives for moments that I’m out of sight.
    I don’t want to be away and, actually, watch all that’s happening and be helpless to intervene. Viewing the aftermath is enough.

  2. Well I use skype. However if these can move, and therefore you can turn them remotely to follow something then that is great.

    But phone cams, laptop webcams – all of them should be at least slightly wide angle.

    The main thing about this is that it is wide angle in my view. That in itself is a great thing.

    Michael if you use the iphone you can actually buy a lens that clamps on the corner over the camera and provides a wide angle view. They even make an attachable fish eye (180º) lens for the iPhone. You can get them on the thinkgeek website. Now they just need to make a macro lens – preferrably with good standard vision but which can focus closer and closer. Michael, do you remember the micro – nikkor lens? I had 3 of them no less. They were the greatest lenses. Back then I used extensions to multiply magnification and I even stuck to telephoto lenses because I had a qood quality 200 – and the extension made it 400 – more than enough even for a zoom freak. A good zoom lense – 70- to at least 200 was still quite expensive when I was doing this.

    The wide angle lense is lacking in the digital accessories world. Enough with the digital zoom (total nonsense, essentially just a way to pre-crop your image with no gain in resolution at all) – I’d love my webcam to be wide angle and my phone, and I’d gladly loose the digital zoom for it.

    The nice thing about the Kittyo – which is similar but for cats, is that it does all the same things but it also allows you to serve treats remotely and it even has a lazer point which you can control remotely. So that’s pretty cool actually. The treat thing would be useful for me because I’d like to give them a couple during the day but that’s all, however one always just eats them all if you leave a few out.

    So I am getting tempted by the Kittyo – I thik it’s also wide angle but I eed to double check that. It’s camera is remotely moveable.

    I do like the one in this article because it’s nice to have 2, one for one room and another for another. I like that you can have the image from both cams up on your screen at once. I’d prefer to have all this on a computer screen though. I don’t use my phone at all really unless I have to. Laptop is always better than phone or tablet anyway.

    I agree it has a potential to be creepy if used in the wrong way.

    Look at the recent video of the cat who saved the kid from a dog. That guy had crazy suveillance around the front of his house. I mean that must cost. And the info must be stored on hard drives etc – that’s pretty creepy once you consider all the work that went into setting that cctv system up to begin with. Maybe the guy lives where there’s a ton of robberies and break ins, who knows, but either way, it must be creepy being on cam and it must be creepy feeling like you need to have 24/7 full coverage surveillance in your own home.

    My friend has cams around to watch his ferals – he made them homes and put heating in them and has little cams so he can check all is well. It’s great. I really used to love having skype on because when Red and Lilly went ut all the time I wanted to keep an eye on them. It’s good to have the option to check up on your home. You don’t have to always do it but when you need to its great that you can so easily.

    1. Interesting i guess, l guess it be for those who want to keep a more eye on their cats. I have Skype as well just, with hearing about how hackers can hack into webcam and control everything that would worry me. I guess it be good for those people who have got the money and maybe for strays etc. Also for people who are working full time, and wanting to keep an eye on what their cats are doing outside/inside, so not getting into trouble.

  3. Walter and Jozef

    Excuse us but how would you like us spying on you and you didn’t know it? huh, the thought of what we might see makes our whiskers curl.
    A cat is entitled to some privacy we say.

  4. Great technology, I think most cat people have a pretty good idea what their cats get up to when they’re home alone zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzI’d put good money on it that that is all Walter and Jo do on the rare occasion they’re left on their own.

    1. Exactly Barbara!!! That’s what ours do most of especially, at this time of the year. They at this moment in time laying in front of the hot fire snoozing away. Well apart from eating etc. I would be abit weird as could never afford that type of thing also, l would be worried about privacy, its bad enough with webcam not knowing who else is looking in.

  5. Sorry. Season 1, Episode 2, of “The Young Ones.” Neil has six hands, from rubbing the tea kettle, and suddenly loses them, thanks to Vivienne pouring the hot teapot. Neil now has his two arms and hands, and then gets bonked over the head by Mike. Now, they are left on their own, no supper. Great. Where is Neil. Hit on the head with a pot.

    It’s been years since I’ve been able to watch The Young Ones. It is as good as it gets. Right up there with Black Adder ! 😉

    1. I have one. I have the gear but I am not sure I’d buy one of these devices. I might but I know exactly what Charlie is doing at any one time…sleeping! Or he is with me outside, in the garden or on my bed.

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