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Keeping a cat violates the principles of veganism? — 2 Comments

  1. Also, remember the Black Plague? It was spread through the fleas that infested the rats who ran rampant through the cities. Where were the cats who would kill them? Being killed as witch familiars.

    The girlfriend is an idiot to want to rid the world of cats! Just saying.

  2. Glad the man dumped the girlfriend. She was unworthy to be a part of his family.

    Plant proteins are NOT equal to animal proteins. The brain of meat-eating animals, including humans, needs animal proteins in order to function properly. (Learned that in Anatomy classes.) Taking supplements will NOT work. Period! Could be why this girlfriend was so mentally off?

    Forcing your cat to eat vegan is sentencing him/her to a slow tortuous death. Just ask the fennec fox who was owned by a Spanish vegan diva. She was so proud about him and refused to acknowledge the fact that she was slowly killing him while she posted videos online. He went blind, lost his hair, went deaf, etc. all so she could prove a vegan diet was safe for him. She even lied and said her vet was supportive of this decision.

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