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Keeping cats off kitchen counters – should we? — 2 Comments

  1. I have so many more important things in my life than to try and keep my cats off the counter. They own the breakfast bar and are pretty good about staying on that when we’re preparing food. I’m very careful when someone other than us is going to eat the food but were sanitary with food all the time. My cats like being eye level with me in the kitchen I’m good with it.

  2. Michael, I think you have heard from me enough to know that my *kids* are allowed anywhere in the house!! LOL!! If I was going to die from it, or contract some disease, I would have done so many, many years ago! My home (apartment) is their home too, and I have always believed that they should be allowed to lie or sleep anywhere — and they do. They usually want to be wherever I happen to be — even if it’s getting a shower! I will not EVER change a thing, and if company doesn’t like it, too bad!! It’s not their home! It belongs to myself, my son and our 13 kitties — and for Tyler and me, the kitties come first!! I clean any surface that I need to use to prepare food so I really don’t see this as an issue. . .great article!! ♥♥♥

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