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Keeping Wild Cat Hybrids in the UK — 2 Comments

  1. So im still confused about f2 savannahs since a1 breed theirs f1 and f1 to make an f2 which doesn’t follow the rules about having one domestic and one hybrid parent. So my question is are savannah f2s from two f1 savannah parents legal in the uk, and if so where does the document state.it? Thankyou.

    • Hi John, the relevant document is the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. The relevant parts of section 5 and the Schedule. F1 Savannahs need a license while F2 Savannahs don’t and neither do lower filials. I wrote this page about 4 years ago. It should be accurate but things change. I would read the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 carefully and then telephone or visit your local authority offices to discuss the matter. That would be a belt and braces approach. Hope this helps.

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