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by Michael
(London, UK)

Keira’s cats are loved cats. Keira and her family live with some very nice and interesting cats. Heading the list is a cat that you may have already read about; the rare, awesome and very special, Striker, an F1 Bengal cat of real presence and fabulous personality. Not only is Striker an extremely impressive cat to look at he is also an extremely useful cat as he is a therapy cat. To remind you what he looks like, just below is another picture. You can read more about him on this page: F1 Bengal Cat Callista Strike Force.

F1 Bengal cat Striker 1

Striker takes part in The Dillinger Gang Therapy Cat Workshops, named after the dillinger as therapy cat founder of the The Dillinger Gang Therapy cat group, RW (Regional Winner) SGCA Mystre Dillinger Total Rebellion, who is an 8th generation Bengal cat and who is part of the family of cats that I have called Keira’s Cats.

Dillinger is clicker trained and harness trained. Both he and Striker work with kids in the schools and in nursing homes where Keira lives and with special needs children as well (see photo above right – click on the pic for a larger version).

Dillinger comes from Texas breeder Mark Pennington. Here he is:

bengal cat Dillinger 1

OK, that’s the Bengal cats. Next up is a beautiful Abyssinian by the name of Pentaclecats Night Star (named after the Warrior cat Night Star). This champion, female, Abyssinian cat with a ruddy coat, was a gift to Keira’s oldest daughter, Malina, from Rene and Clint Knapp in Connecticut. Rene and Clint kindly mentored Malina through the TICA Junior Exhibition Program. Here they are together:

Keira's daughter and Abyssinian cat

Serina, Keira’s younger daughter at 10 years of age (at March 2010) was also the recipient of a gift from Rene Knapp who gave her a gorgeous long haired Munchkin. Below is a photo by Helmi Flick of Keira’s daughter NEJE Serina Kim-Linh Nguyen with KungFu Panda:

Keira's daughter and munckin cat

Not surprisingly, Panda is dearly loved by Serina. Munchkin cats can be addictive. I am reminded of a similar story: My Munchkin Experience. Also you might like to see Munchkin cat.

Now, not all of Keira’s cats are purebred. Keira was involved in cat rescue and the family has a lovely Siamese mix by the name of Lady Annie. This cat, that became a Supreme Champion was found, believe it or not, in a dumpster! More particularly the Sommerville Dump in Massachusetts. She was four weeks old at the time, flea ridden, ill and with an eye infection. Annie was adopted at a Petco Adoption Day. She was healthy and spayed (but shy) when Keira adopted her thanks to the efforts of the Charles River Feline Rescue Group (that incidentally is no longer in existence). Lady Annie’s name reflects her rise from dumpster cat to show champion, from orphan Annie to a Lady! Here she is:

siamese mix lady annie 

You might like to read a similar rags to riches story: The RagaMuffin and the Princess.

Keira’s cats expanded a bit more when the family adopted Comet from Petsmart. Comet was an angry cat, it seems, having been neglected by his previous owners, who gave him up. An earlier rehoming failed as he was “too rough”. I guess Keira, being a true cat lover developed a soft spot for him. And relishing the challenge to prove that Comet could be successfully socialised (Keira knows how to socialise cats) she went on and did it. Comet is now a fully integrated family member ready for his first cat show (TICA Show in Milford, MA on April 2, 2010 ) and a part in a film!  Here is Keira’s  SH Maine Coon Mix Rescue “Halley’s Comet Of Foreverland”:

comet a mixed breed cat

Lastly but not least, there is Kisses who was found on with her twin sister in a high kill shelter on the verge of being put to sleep. Keira says, “We were looking to add to our family and wanted only one but couldn’t bear the thought of either of them dying so we had them transported to NY.”

kisses a maine coon cat mix

Keira thought a that she would die before she got Kisses home of a severe respiratory infection. Both Kisses and her twin “Hugs” had the infection.

Anyway, her true cat lover commitment came through and Keira and family nursed Kisses and Hugs back to good health and much more.

Kisses is a show cat as well. She is another classic rags to riches story becoming a two time RW (Regional Winner) and SGM (Supreme Grand Master) before retiring. This again was another “Happily Ever After Story”..

Thanks Keira for letting me write about Keira’s cats.

Keira’s cats — Photo information in the order shown (descending):

  • F1 Callista Strike Force
  • RW SGCA Mystre Dillinger Total Rebellion (8th Generation Bengal)
  • My 12 year old daughter Malina with RW CH Pentaclecats Night Star ( Named after the Warrior cat Night Star)
  • My 10 year old daughter NEJE Serina Kim-Linh Nguyen with CH Manawyddan’s KungFu Panda
  • RW SGM HHP Siamese mix Lady Annie Of Foreverland
  • HHP SH Maine Coon Mix Rescue “Halley’s Comet Of Foreverland”
  • RW SGM Butterfly Kisses Of Foreverland” Maine Coon Mix LH HHP

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Jul 13, 2010 The Loss Of RW SGCA Mystre Dillinger
by: Keira

After this article was written we were deeply saddened to have lost our fantastic Therapy Boy and RW SGCA Mystre Dillinger Total Rebellion..

His death is a complete tragedy and although we never did a necropsy on him due to his going in his sleep we do believe it was due to Hypertropic cardio Myopathy which he was diagnosed with in 2009.

Dilly was only 4 years old and this was a devastating loss for us.

We want to thank all of our cat friends and family that sent their thought’s and prayer’s during this difficult time and especially Helmi Flick for photographing Dilly at his best and Michael broad for writing this article..
Thank You,
Keira Nguyen and Family

Mar 31, 2010 marvelous cats
by: kathy

I love your cats. I used to do a thing at the local grade schools called exploration day. At that time I worked in a pet shop. I took various animals (critters) from the shop and gave a little talk on each one. At the time I had a purebreed Bengal named Marz (rest his soul). He loved exploration day. He would be on his little harness and he would walk in a circle and stop so each child could pet him. Then he would go to the middle of the circle and lay down while I finished my little speech on the Asian Leopard and how the Bengal Breed came to be. I did it for about 8 years. Then my life changed. My cat Lia who is half Bengal also did exploration day but he wasnt quit as enthused about it as Marz. Marz isnt with us anymore but God chose to give me Lia back. Now he is just a big spoiled baby.

Mar 28, 2010 Keira’s Cats
by: Jeanne

I love this story, especially since I am a friend of Keira’s cats and am able to visit them. My favorite time of day is feeding time … they all swarm about and come out of their hiding places, it’s so cool!! Great job with the stories, Keira, keep it up!

Mar 28, 2010 That’s the one!
by: Keira Marie Nguyen

Yes Michael,

A little mainecoon on death row with her sister almost dies on us traveling all the way from Georgia, to NY to CT to MA. These girls could barely breath and we didn’t think they’d make it. Nursed them back to health and what a difference. We still miss Kisses terribly and Hugs the before pictures really tell the story I’ll have to submit the whole story at some point.
Helmi made her the Princess she deserved to be we were thriled with how this picture turned out! Should have been a “Warrior cat” .. 🙂

Mar 28, 2010 The picture
by: Michael

Hi Keira. Here is the Helmi photo that I think you are talking about:

maine coon mix cat

Mar 28, 2010 Foreverland Cattery
by: Keira Marie Nguyen

Actually Michael we are an official TICA Cattery called “Foreverland” so we prefer to be called by that name.. Hopefully at some point we will have more of the fabulous Helmi pics to share the Aby by herself and Munchkin are incredible pictures! Also the before and after pictures of Butterfly Kisses are worth seeing in themselves especially the one with the crown of Butterflies on her head… We would love to see our cats as part of the Breeds profiles someday :-).
Thanks for the writeup.

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