Keke, Our Intelligent Blue Adopted Us

by Carmen Tellez
(SE Arizona USA)

It was late August 1976 as we were exiting a large department store, we noticed a young cat that seemed to be searching for his owner. After a few tries my husband called to him & very quickly the young cat responded.

Took him home, placed ads in several places hoping to find his owners, but no one responded.

This young cat was very friendly & quickly adopted my husband and taught us that he was a highly intelligent cat.

He had a liking for taking showers but only with my husband, he knew exactly when Frank was taking a shower, would knock on the door & gently jump on Franks shoulder & stay there for however long the shower was.

If he was outside he would play with the water hose till someone noticed him & turn water hose on for him.

Keke loved to ride in cars or trucks, once inside he would go to a side window & then motion with his paws to lower side front window, wait till my husband would slow down and then carefully walked to the front of the hood, sit & as my husband slowly drove around a shopping center he rode as a king making a grand entrance.

Unfortunately our gorgeous, 22 pounder, green eyed Russian Blue succumbed to kidney failure 10/88. We did everything we could, including a special dialysis. He was part of our loving family.

Even now we still remember his antics such as playing with large inflated balloons, as he had enough, he would puncture the balloon & then wonder what happened to it.

We never had a dull moment with Keke, as mentioned before that he liked cars, if there was a car/truck with an open window Keke would find a way to get in for a long nap not surprisingly scaring the driver out of his wits.

Yes, we like dogs but cats are funnier & more intelligent.


Mrs. Tellez aka keenpetite

Keke, Our Intelligent Blue Adopted Us to Cat Intelligence

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Keke, Our Intelligent Blue Adopted Us

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Apr 26, 2012
Keke,a very unique cat ! NEW
by: Anonymous

As mentioned previously Keke adopted as, a gorgeous young purebred Russian Blue with majestic large almond shaped green eyes. He was unique in more ways than one, from day 1 he liked to take showers but ONLY with my husband; a strong affinity for riding in cars/trucks, once inside he’d go to side window & motion for window to be lowered; loved to play with large inflated balloons once he had enough would puncture balloon with claws & then wonder what happened to it. He would take walks wearing a harness & leash.
Enjoyed chasing large dogs but terrified of birds. A very loving surrogate daddy that would adopt kittens, bathe & care for them for several months.If he found a way to get into car truck he’d get in for long nap not surprisingly scaring driver out of his/her wits.
Sadly Keke succumbed to kidney failure October 1988, he was in lots of pain so euthanasia was decided upon to end his suffering. Almost 22 yrs later Keke still missed very much for his loving nature & unique antics.
cat lover/rescuer/helper
Southeast Arizona (USA)

Jul 30, 2010
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Special cats like Keke are remembered long after they are gone. They’ll always be with us.

p.s. If you have a picture, you can mail it to Michael at mjbmeister[at] (replace [at] with @), and I think he will kindly add it.

Finn Frode avatar

Jul 25, 2010
by: Michael

Hi Carmen, thanks for taking the time to share. I have never heard of a cat taking a shower with his or her human companion while perched on the human’s shoulder – awesome.

Michael Avatar

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