Kellas Cats

by lud

I would like to know, after reading Di Francis’s book, “My Highland Kellas Cat”, why there appears to be no video footage whatsoever of these cats.

Apparently BBC’s Tomorrows World filmed a documentary about them and indeed caught a live one!

No one, though, can locate any footage of this (filmed 22.5.1986). She also talks of more TV crews visiting and filming (Grampian TV) so can anyone enlighten on this?

The same old pics (stuffed animals) surface time and again. Surely what with iPods/HD cams etc etc and all those “cat hunters” out there, there should be more footage about?

what about when the 2 specimens were in the highland zoo too?

No one filmed these unknown to man creatures? It really baffles me. Good site, thx for allowing my tuppence worth.


Hi Lud…. thanks for asking and sharing your thoughts. Good thoughts too.

Kellas cats are Scottish Wildcat hybrids that are sometimes black. Sometimes the Scottish Wildcat hybrids are tabby cats as is the purebred wildcat.

In fact it can be difficult to tell the difference between a purebred wildcat and the hybrid. It has been suggested that all the wildcats are no longer purebred but hybrids.

Perhaps the reason we don’t see the Kellas cat (and I presume that you mean the black wildcat hybrid) is because it looks quite like a domestic cat and in which case no one shows an interest in it. It is simply a large black domestic cat with a slightly wild look.

The non-black Scottish Wildcat hybrids can either look like Scottish wildcats or if second or third generation from the wild will look like domestic tabby cats.

My point, and I am guessing, is that the boundary has blurred between the wild and domestic cat. If the hybrid is more a wild cat we don’t see it because it hides from us and if it is more a domestic cat we ignore it as just another black cat!

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