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Kenai Council proposes cats be restrained outdoors by ‘a leash, fence or building’ — 4 Comments

  1. Many municipalities unfortunately have such ordinances. Lexington County, SC has had one for more than 20 years, and as someone who runs a cat rescue here I can assure you it has done absolutely nothing to reduce the number of free-roaming community or feral cats in Lexington County despite increases every year in animal control budget. Such an ordinance effectively means that cats either have to be leashed when outside or confined within cat-proof fencing or an enclosure, which many people unfortunately are not willing to do, and is difficult to enforce against unowned cats. As Elisa points out, TNR for community cats, as practiced successfully (over 1,000 cats spayed/neutered) by, for example, the City of West Columbia, SC for the past 3 years would be a far better investment by Kenai. Had Lexington county done this andd established a free/low-cost spay/neuter program as I suggested 20 years ago, they could long ago have greatly reduced the number of cats euthanized annually in their kill shelter and reduced instead of increased animal control’s budget, thus saving taxpayers instead of taxing them further. And common sense says why would you legislate confinement of cats while doing nothing about opossums, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and other free-roaming animals and birds who may well also be frequenting the same areas as the cats and probably doing more damage. Cats at least give back by keeping vermin down. There are fairly simple, inexpensive measures for deterring cats from private property, Kenai – just check out Alley Cat Allies’ website for a list.

  2. That is silly. The reason why there are so many feral cats is because owners don’t want to pay the fines. They wait the average 5-10 days and adopt the same cat.

  3. Can’t treat a cat like a dog. They simply aren’t as “leashable” and everyone knows it. Population should just be addressed by spay and neuter programs.

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