Kendall Jones: Show-off Sport Hunting Teenager

Is Kendall Jones the world’s most insensitive teenager? Perhaps the word “insensitive” is too mild for this woman. She likes to shoot large wild animals including iconic species and post photos of herself with her trophy on Facebook

Perhaps she’s just ignorant of the need for conservation of wildlife or perhaps she doesn’t care as she gets too much pleasure out of shooting beautiful animals such as the leopard, the wild cat species that you see her with in the photograph below….

Kendall Jones likes to shoot big game for fun

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The leopard is considered as “Near Threatened” by IUCN Red List. The lion is rated as “Vulnerable”.

There was a widespread protest against her showing off her kills on FB. We are told that Facebook removed photos of Kendall with her trophy kills but this one of deer on FB today:

Sport hunting teenager

There is a petition which has gathered together 141,240 signatures at the date of this post to stop a TV show being aired in 2015 on the Sportsman Channel in which she features.

She likes to kill lions, tigers, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos and even the threatened white rhino. The white rhino is another endangered species with a population of 20,000.  She also likes to show a compassionate side:

Kendall jones with young deer

In denial? Fake personality?

What can you say? I know there are many people who support her. There are people who admire and want to do the things that she does. In fact, there are many people like Kendall Jones in the world which is why there is a gradual reduction in the population sizes of threatened and endangered wild species.

Two FB comments show us the polarised viewpoints and the third is nonsense:

I love how the left claims to be enlightened while calling for the death of a young lady. The crazy thing is, if she had killed a human fetus instead of a deer, they would praise her. Time to check your priorities (James C Norman) – this received 1,836 thumbs up.

If you are killing deer for food, that is acceptable. But if you are doing it for sport. please explain to me where the sport is – a high powered rifle against an innocent animal with no way to defend himself – the world is full of sick people. Animals have families too just like you and I. How would you like it if someone killed your mother because they like human meat? Think about it. (Cathy Zellers) – this received 471 thumbs up.

You guys don’t understand that hunters have probably more love and compassion for wildlife than you will ever have. (Alexander Chen) – How does this person square up shooting animals for fun with compassion for wildlife?

Fortunately, there is also a sizeable percentage of the world population who strongly dislike what she does. No doubt she has paid for the privilege of shooting these animals and therefore we also have to blame the organisers of these hunts.  It is quite possible, but I don’t know, that she indulges in canned hunting.  Canned hunting of the lion in South Africa is quite popular.

People organise these hunts justified the conservation reasons but these people will always find a way to justify something even if it is objectionable and totally unacceptable in the modern world.  It is time to conserve wild species particularly iconic species like the ones mentioned but no doubt proper steps will only be taken when it is too late.

7 thoughts on “Kendall Jones: Show-off Sport Hunting Teenager”

  1. I don’t see how people can call her barbaric. I applaud her for doing what she thinks is rite and as a hunter myself respect and love seeing a young girl get into the sport so hard core and to kill animals with a bow and arrow is the ultimate high you feel both joy and sorrow. Also I would like to ask the people who say hunting to conserve animals makes no sense, how much money have YOU contributed to conservation??? Just because she kills animals does not mean she hates them. In fact she probably has more respect for animals then most people who do not hunt. And for someone to put up a page on Facebook “kill Kendall Jones” you are the the barbarians. Keep up the good work Kendall. For everyone that is against you know there are 10 that are with you.

    • Thanks Jake for visiting and commenting. I respect all views. I disagree with you though. I don’t think it is possible to indulge in sport hunting and say that you care for the animals that you kill. You can’t care (i.e. be concerned about welfare) for an animal and kill it at the same time unless the animal is being euthanised genuinely.

      I also think that sport hunting today, in the modern world, is inappropriate. Sport hunting has evolved out of hunting for survival. It is a throwback to human activity tens of thousands of years ago and does not fit into the modern world.

      Also I don’t like the fact that people get pleasure out of killing other animals. I don’t see how people can get pleasure from that. You say killing an animal with a bow and arrow gives you joy and sorrow at the same time. I presume that you mean you get joy from the killing and sorrow from the fact that an animal has died.

      It seems to me that you are, at that moment, in psychological conflict. It seems to me that you enjoy killing because it’s an animalistic thing to do (you are pandering to your base instincts) but then you’re more sophisticated human side kicks in and you realise that you killed the animal so you feel sadness. I see conflict. Internal conflict. I don’t see good things and harmonious things.

      Sport hunters justify what they do by pleading that they are conservationists etc.. It sounds crazy to me. It is illogical. It is a vain attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

      • Michael, I don’t expect you to understand the joy and sorrow of the kill, You did not grow up hunting, or Eating what you killed, you don’t know the feeling of walking miles into the back country of Montana and killing a Bull Elk and packing it out then Feeding your family with the purest Meat on earth. And I firmly Believe that without the sport Hunting industry there would be fewer animals and more poachers, the Facts here are Weather wrong or rite, She did this completely legal and in the open for all to see she doesn’t hide who she is. she embraces it and even if some call her a killer or a “cancer” as the one individual at the top of the page had said, And in fact I think that the Anti hunting world is shaken by the fact that a 19 year old successful college student is supporting the sport of hunting and is not only supporting it but is good at it, she is not just a pretty face out shooting deer in Texas, she has 6 of the big 7 on the dark continent and one with a bow. everybody is so quick to judge when in fact like I said they need to ask themselves what have they done for conservation?? what have they done to save a species of animal and weather or not you agree with how she does it or not she has still done more that most.

  2. Silly, arrogant, cold hearted child! Standing there grinning because she has taken the life of another creature, as if it was something clever to do. Well I’d like to meet her and tell her it isn’t clever, it’s despicable and so is she and I hope Karma meets her before she’s much older and has chance to murder many more animals.
    How dare she pose with a living creature pretending she cares when she has blood on her hands and ice in her heart!

  3. I would like to take that stupid over toothed smile right off that evil-spirited, attention-seeking, overgrown child’s face, killing is bad enough, killing any animal is horrendous in my personal opinion, but to posture afterwards with the dead body of an animal who’s life she has taken for her own thrills and pleasure is obnoxious and sickening, I wouldn’t have a problem in her case, I would gladly make an exception and suggest putting her up against a wall and shooting her myself and posing with her carcass, she obviously thinks it’s a nice thing to do so she shouldn’t have any objections to my plan. In fact line the lot of them up, her and her enablers and lets be done with the lot of them, they’re cancers in this world and should be eradicated.

    • What disappoints me is that on Facebook there are probably at least the same number of people who like and support what she does compared to those who hate it. There is no chance we are going to conserve large wild species especially the cats and of course feral cats are homegrown targets for shooters.


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