Kendra, a partially blind cat declawed on all four paws, was re-homed last Christmas

Kendra is located in Rockford, Illinois
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Back on 2nd December 2018 Elisa reported on Kendra, a black cat who was partially blind and declawed on all four claws; tough life for her (link to the article – opens new tab/window). She was at Paws Humane Society Rockford at the time and ready for adoption. Melissa on March 5, 2019 at 3:17 am commented and asked if she had been adopted.

Thanks to good ‘ole Facebook I was able to contact Paws Humane Society Rockford to find out. I left a message and received a prompt response. Although they did not want to provide details or were unable to.

This is the communication with the rescue organisation:

Kendra rehomed
Looking for an update
Kendra rehomed
Great news.

It is always nice to have news about the final chapter in a cat rescue story. Often the story is truncated. We know a cat has been rescued which becomes the whole story but there is life beyond the moment of rescue. Thanks Melissa for asking. We hope that Kendra’s remained years are spent in complete contentment because she deserves it.

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2 thoughts on “Kendra, a partially blind cat declawed on all four paws, was re-homed last Christmas”

  1. Kendra is the kitty I wanted so badly to adopt, but Paws Humane Society would not allow her to relocate. I still wish I could have adopted Kendra, she captured my heart. I hope she has the most loving, healthy, happy life in her new home. πŸ˜ΌπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸΎπŸ—οΈ

    • Frances, she is the sort of cat I’d love to adopt too. I am pleased that she has a nice home. It is interesting that you tried to adopt her.


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