Keno and Neko

Keno and Neko

by Judi
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Keno & Neko (pictured left to right)

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Keno & Neko (pictured left to right)

I'm not sure if the orange cat is a "dwarf" or not. He was found as a stray and I'm not sure what breed he is other than domestic. Enclosed is a picture of him and his adopted brother Neko. Keno the orange cat is going be 3 years old this summer (09). Neko is will be 1 year old around the same time. Can anyone help? Is he a dwarf kitty? I nicknamed him "baby kitty" when he was just a baby and as you can see the name still fits him. 🙂

Hi, this is Michael (Admin): Thanks for sharing Judi. My immediate thought is that "Baby Kitty" is just that a small cat (but a nice looking cat). There is a considerable size range for normal cats and he probably fits into that range maybe towards the bottom end.

Dwarf cats have distinctly shorter leg length underneath normally proportioned bodies. The appearance is very noticeable and little Baby Kitty has a normal appearance, I think.

He would be a mixed breed or non-purebred cat. He looks to me to be unneutered too, judging by his jowly face (his cheeks are large and stick out!), although, I might be wrong. You may have seem some fantastic mixed breed cats on this site. The CFA call them "Household Pets" and they can be shown at cat shows and win prizes in just the same way as the glitzy, glamorous purebreds. See them here: Non-Purebred Cats. Thanks once again Judi for sharing and showing us your fine cats.

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Keno and Neko

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Jun 24, 2010
by: Gar

Are these named after the characters from the comic Neko the Kitty?

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