Kentucky animal shelter overloaded, Code Red. Please share.

The Estill County Animal Shelter (near Lexington, Kentucky, USA) is overloaded with rescue animals. Recently it stopped taking in new arrivals for six days. Please go to their Facebook page and follow the instructions!

“We have not had to Euth anything for a long time so lets not start now.”

“….we will not be taking in any cats till Wednesday 5-29-19 due overloaded on cats.”

Overloaded animal shelter
Kittens at the shelter which was closed to new arrivals for 6 days recently due to being overloaded.
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I have presented a Google map with directions from Lexington, KY to the shelter at 50 Ginter Road, Ravenna, to help people get their bearings. I am simply sharing as instructed by the shelter. I am committed to saving lives like any other animal loving person.

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