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Kharkiv Zoo’s big cats and bears will be euthanised before Russian shelling gets them — 5 Comments

  1. Just got a email from a Four Paws who said they have delivered 20 tons of food for all the Kyiv zoo animals and food to many dog and cat shelters 7 days ago.

    • Wow. How fantastic. There has been a fantastic response from the West by and large. Some countries support the invasion (23 countries do which is shocking). Well done Four Paws. Amazing.

  2. Really horrific! I know they’re not going to make a special effort to evacuate the big cats, when so many people are also trapped, but I wish anyway that big cat specialists from the west could undertake such a mission.

    I remember that as a child in the 1960’s I saw a Disney movie, I believe on television, about a true incident from 1945 where U.S. General George Patton, who died in a car accident later in that year, personally intervened to rescue the trained Lipizzaner stallions from the oncoming Russian army. Of course, the operation doubled as a cover for evacuating Allied POWs from western Czechoslovakia before it was occupied by the Russian army (ostensibly our allies), which didn’t figure in Disney’s version. But this story of the Kharkiv Zoo’s big cats and their peril brought this memory up for me. It’s too bad that an analogous operation can’t be implemented to rescue all the people as well as the cats, an admittedly impractical and impossible idea.

    More generally on the present fiasco. I know NATO forces and soldiers can’t get directly involved, but at least the West could be supplying the Ukrainians with the weapons THEY want, tanks and aircraft,
    but the Pentagon and our “leaders” are still talking about being reluctant to “provoke” Putin! In Vietnam the Soviets supplied aircraft and anything else the communists wanted. It didn’t cause World War III. Putin has his hands full. It’s time we started giving Putin some reasons to worry about provoking US. We need Winston Spencer-Churchills, but unfortunately, we’re stuck with Neville Chamberlains, and Sir Oswald Mosleys.

    • I agree with you on both counts. In a better world some sort of rescue mission would have been organised to take these captive animals away from this zoo to a safe place. But the West seems impotent almost. They can barely save the lives of humans never mind low priority zoo animals. And I agree that Putin, the bully, needs to be confronted with confidence.

      We need to arm Ukrainians much better than we are. Although it has to be said that Britain for one is supplying thousands upon thousands of armaments. These armaments are able to destroy tanks which is a major benefit in this war against the Russian invasion. And the US is funding $1 billion of armaments I believe.

      I’ve heard that Czechoslovakia is going to send in armoured vehicles and the British are sending in howitzers. The latter are designed to shell 15 miles away to remove the Russians who are shelling cities like Mariupol. In other words, there’s been a step change upwards in the supply of armaments by the European Union to support the Ukrainian forces.

      It’s one small stage then to supplying aircraft and tanks. In fact, I recall Czechoslovakia is indeed supplying tanks. They are Russian T-72 tanks which means the Ukrainian forces are already trained to drive them. I can see the West stepping up in their effort to beat Putin because of the atrocities that have been committed and well documented.

      There is much more we can do such as kicking Russia out of the UN Security Council. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Oh how sad. And Russia has been shelling zoo’s, sanctuaries and pet shelters on purpose. I’ll never forget how they shelled the Cat man of Aleppo’s home killing several cats and a dog. The cat man claimed they knew him and where the shelter was and did it intentionally. Then Russia gassed him and killed nearly 180 cats! I’ve haven’t seen you post about him. Russian army has always been butchers!

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