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Kids cry with joy at reunion with missing cat — 8 Comments

  1. Brought a tear to my eye.
    I noticed that the girls weren’t crying either.
    I assumed the one holding the cat was Mom. The other girl, probably sis who doesn’t seem to have much of a bond with the cat.

  2. No matter they are kids, ADULTS (real cat lovers) have the same feelings about their cats and kittens. The difference is, that they cry but don’t cry in front of others. That is like people like me. I don’t cry in front of others. I just shut the door and START 😉

    Good sharing <3 <3 <3 thank you Michael 🙂

  3. My adult son looked for his George who went missing for weeks walked for miles calling him. He cried too but we never found him we fear he got in the back of the truck with some workers who were doing some landscaping on the property. We also rescued a Siamese cat that had been missing for 8 months when it jumped out of the car when a woman was stopping off the interstate to get fast food she was living between the fast food restaurant and the gas station. We saw its picture and said that the Siamese cat in the lost picture. It took a month to get her. We told the woman we though we found her cat she would not believe it until we scanned the Microchip. She had even hired a company with tracking bloodhounds and they could not find the cat. Happy Story!!!

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