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Kids Steal A Cat And Laugh About It On Facebook Video — 12 Comments

  1. Take the video to the DA office just by pass the police, They should be charged for not only animal abuse , animal abandonment, theft by also for the mental angusish of not knowing what happened to your beloved pey

  2. Wrong on so many levels! It’s definitely abuse, and theft. It’s only by God’s grace that that animal was ever found. It so easily could have been freaked out, darted into traffic and then been killed. Or been hunted down by dogs, etc. I really would love to see them get the book thrown at them, at least that girl.

  3. What if the cat had been injured? There is always that possibility. This is abuse and indifference to life.

    The teens should be brought up on charges.

  4. So glad Smokey is home and I hope he becomes an indoor cat! The kids deserve to be prosecuted for theft and cruelty to an animal. But there are too many “bleeding hearts” around these days.

  5. Poeple think its was just kids having fun, i don’t think so it’s theft of personal property, PLUS anamal abuse and abandonment . They are driving at night the female own’s the car do they are not that young. The cat was clearly upset up on the dash board of the car. Since the video was off for along period of time which is obvious since they drove to the other side of town which is considered not a good area. There is a lot of crime and vandalism in West Warwick maybe these 4 need to be investigated for that too.

  6. I think it’s theft, because it involved taking something that belonged to someone else, without permission.

    I’m glad the cat was physically unharmed, but he must have been stressed by this action.

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