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Kiki – He found us and we took him in — 13 Comments

  1. What a beautiful happy story about a beautiful happy cat 🙂 I love all his photos I’m so glad you gave him a chance poor thin little mite ;( I bet he has thanked you in his own way a million times over! Thanks so much for sharing

  2. What a lovely story, Kiki is gorgeous I’m so glad you rescued him and then saved his life by taking him home, he seems to have repaid your kindness a thousand times over. He looks a friendly happy little chap, I wonder what ever his story was before your found him. Your daughter is a bonny little lass.

  3. Thank you my friends for all the kind words and compliments, it’s so good to share our love and appreciation of the special moments we’re blessed with. I knew it was the right place, I found so many wonderful stories here.

    Dee, I had a sad experience with my kitten long time ago. I blame it mostly on myself because I didn’t neuter him ASAP and let him be outside in a busy city streets until he was badly injured. We lived oversees back then. Now we live in Ohio, in a quiet neighborhood with lots of trees to climb and chipmunks and squirrels to chase. A kitty’s paradise, don’t you think?

    Marc, you made a good points about safety. We considered a Microchip but I was afraid another procedure would be too much for Kiki at the moment. And we did try a collar on him. Kiki was fussing with it until he managed to take it off which took him maybe 5 min. I probably didn’t make it tight enough but I was afraid to hurt him. So far i’m not too concerned, he stays in the neighborhood visiting only close neighbors’ yards. Large busy roads are not that close and our street has 25 mph limit. Kiki is also afraid of cars, even when I start mine he tries to stay as far as possible. I agree, you never know what’s gonna happen but I hope he’s safe here.

    About shelters — well, I think they try to do whatever they can. They had quite a few nice and healthy cats waiting for the new homes. They provided the initial evaluation but their resources are limited. I had no experience before and I believed they could do more…

    Michael, thanks again for your help in posting this story. I believe his tail always been black, probably it’s just the sun made it look so light. His belly is another story, especially the lower part. It was clearly grey in summer. Then for the winter the coat got longer and thicker and the grey was almost gone, only at the roots close to the skin I can notice some grey hues. Will be interesting to see what happens next in summer. My suggestion is possible York Chocolate traits which are known for lavender tones. Also Kiki has 1 or 2 pure white hair(s) on his solid black back which could come from his white ancestors?

    • Maria, you comment about shelters is kind.
      In a way, you are right.
      The shelters function on the monies provided by the individual counties.
      That’s where the problems arise.
      More money and a different attitude are needed to turn them into no-kill.

  4. When you first found him his coat in the middle of his body and at the top of his tail had a grey colour and it changed when his health improved. The grey colour seems to have been abnormal and I wonder if it was health related.

  5. What a lovely story and wonderful photos, I love the one of your daughter and Kiki sharing the chair, two little beauties together.
    I’m so glad you rescued Kiki, twice over, from the streets and then from the kill shelter.
    He looks so happy and well now and enjoying his life indoors and outdoors too 🙂

  6. What bastards that they were going to put him down. He has found his forever home, thank goodness. It is absolutely wonderful, that their are people like yourself about. These so called animal sanctuaries are not at all caring. There are no words to describe them. I can think of some that are completely unprintable.

    Lots of love Sam

    A genuine cat lover of seven gingers and one tuxedo. I love my babies so much.

    • good to see there are other cat lovers out there willing to save any cat animal. Thats horrible they were going to kill the poor baby hes looks so loving and laid back.

  7. what a wonderful story to wake up to in the morning after feeling so down. Hes so beautiful he must of wanted you to save him. He reminds me abit of my ozzy he looks so fluffy. Great to se pics of him interrupting you with the kids. Yea i agree with DW said for sure Cats that want to be with you are keepers. I often wander if ozzie gets depressed as he always seems to stay in our hallway at nights sleeps on a chair which is very unsual.

  8. Wonderful story to share! Thank goodness you went back to rescue this great cat. I think the cats who always want to be in the same room with you, are the best companions. And taking walks with you is also terrific. I’m so glad you shared Kiki’s story.

  9. I love this Maria – Kiki is a nice name and Kiki is beautiful… There is no question about the fact that you did the right thing there – and look at the reward. How wonderful, such a nice story. Thanks for Sharing 🙂

    If Kiki goes outside alot on or by roads my only suggestions would be Microchip if he doesn’t have one, and a Reflective Collar for cars at night (especially cuz he’s black, I have a black cat too but in the headlights you don’t even see her, you just see a bright light which is the collar reflecting the light and doing it’s job very well) – and personally I believe it’s good to add a small tag which you can write cat’s name and your phone number and the street or area your cat is from (facing forward if poss so people can read it without having to turn it manually). They do need half an hour to get used to wearing one. That would be my advice – I know it’s boring to talk about this after your wonderful article and story about Kiki 🙂

    • If Maria is here in the states, it’s likely that Kiki is, primarily if not soley, an indoor cat. But, your advise is excellent even for indoor/outdoor cats. We have to be so cautious here, because cat haters are everywhere. They’ll mow down a cat on purpose with their vehicles.

  10. Maria, thank you so much for this story.
    Kiki is beautiful and happy.
    Thank God you took him back from the evil shelter, the ones I so detest.
    They would have killed this gorgeous cat with no remorse, the same they do with so many every day.
    Join the ranks of heroes here.
    P.S. Your daughter is darling.

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