Kill ‘Em All Boyz Including Bobcats and Cougars

They call themselves the ‘kill ’em all boyz’. They really do kill anything. It’s blood lust, the trill of the kill. The kill ’em all boyz have been in the news recently on CNN. And I reckon they have been operating for a long time on their rampage across Washington state and in Oregon because one shooter called Joseph Dills pleaded guilty to poaching charges in 2008 and he is a member of a group who call themselves ‘kill ’em all boyz’. They post photos on Facebook. Another manic shooter with the blood lust bug is William Haynes. He sent his mother a photo of himself proudly splattered in blood.

Kill 'em all boyz William Haynes
Kill ’em all boyz William Haynes. This photo is from his or a friends cell phone.
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‘We were a little close when they shot it haha’ he wrote in a text to his mother.

These guys are illegal hunters and CNN reports that they have been charged with 200 misdemeanors and felonies. They allegedly killed 200 animals including bobcats and cougars.

The photos below show shot bobcats.

Kill 'em boyz shot this bobcat
Kill ’em boyz shot this bobcat
Kill 'em boyz shot this bobcat
Kill ’em boyz shot this bobcat

Twelve were charged in OregonF last week. In 2017, 13 were charged for felonies and misdemeanors relating to illegal hunting in Washington. The ‘kill ’em all boyz’ are a menace to society and wildlife. It seems that being charged with poaching does not deter them from doing it again so deeply ingrained is their mindless blood lust.

bobcat in the sights of a kill 'em boyz shooter
bobcat in the sights of a kill ’em boyz shooter

Capt Wickersham

Captain Jeff Wickersham from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife also worries me. He said:

“….They were not out there for recreation, but to kill things..”

That does not make sense Capt.. The kill ’em all boyz were out there for recreation and for killing just like any other hunter only this gang of reprobates were doing it illegally.

Well, my thoughts are that if you have widespread hunting as is the case in America you are bound to encounter a percentage of hunters who are unprincipled, blood lusting shooters.

It is disgusting. The degree of ignorance demonstrated by this idiots is shocking. It won’t change. It’ll take generations to change this mindless killing mentality. There is no sensibility towards animals, no respect, no ethics or decency; just blood lust.

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  1. Yes, hunters can most certainly justify hunting for food meats. The hunters I know would rather not support the farms and stockyards that you so gleefully support. Where all your food animals are tortured throughout their whole lives, pumped with chemicals and antibiotics, and basically having no decent life at all — just so you can feel distanced from the animals’ pain and suffering when you buy more with another discount coupon.

    Hunters know that an animal should live a full and torture-free life, away from the madness of pavement-brained humans like you who promote factory farm animal-torture, and then you all pretend that’s a better and more humane way to get your foods.

    You’re all 100% sniveling immature hypocrites, plain and simple.

    Hunters who hunt for food respect and admire life, and they don’t cower like immature children behind their keyboards munching on tortured-animal burgers every day while trying to pretend that they are holier-than-thou. Go ahead, buy more factory farmed foods for yourselves and your cats while you support an industry of animal-torture that you don’t have to see nor face every day.

    People who haven’t, and will probably never, mature enough to hunt and kill their own animal-protein foods royally disgusts me. For you are truly the bottom-of-the-barrel scum-of-the-earth animal torturers of all time

    • Who said I condone factory farming? I hate it like anyone else. I don’t eat burgers either. Are you trying to justify hunting for meat? I think you should be living in the 18th century. The world has passed you by. And can’t you say anything without insulting people as the same time?

      And do cause pain to animals? Do you enjoy killing animals? Do entertain yourself by causing pain to animals? I guess it is yes to all three. How do you feel about that? I guess you don’t give a damn.

      No more comments from you unless you are scrupulously polite and your argument is well reasoned.

      • Did you personally kill, skin, gut, and butcher all the animals that you fed to your cat or yourself this week? If you didn’t, how do you know how well they lived and died?

        If you can’t personally kill all the animals that your existence consumes and guarantee that those animals lived full lives and died as humanely as possible, you have absolutely no room to demonize those that do guarantee that all the animals they consumed lived full and rich lives and died truly humanely.

        Come back to us when you raise your own food animals, kill them humanely, skin, gut, and butcher them for food, and consume them (for you or your pets). Until then, you’re just another immature pavement-brain who wants to blame the whole world for what you yourself are too spineless and heartless to do as a true adult.

        I personally believe that nobody should be allowed to eat even a hamburger (or feed beef-flavored cat-foods to their cats) if they aren’t willing to kill and butcher a steer at least once in their sorry and immature pavement-brained lives.

        Look on the labels of your containers of cat-food. Did you butcher any chickens, fish, pigs, or steer this week? If not, why not? Is it because you’d rather that factory farms provide them for you and all the inhumane animal-suffering that you support with that decision?

        You still lie well above the “pure hypocrite” benchmark.

        Go ahead, find some childish excuse to not publish this. It only confirms that you are nothing but a low-life hypocrite if you don’t let it through. But then, everyone already can see that about you, so it really doesn’t matter now, does it.

        • I’ll publish it even though you rely on insulting me all the time which indicates uncontrolled anger. Perhaps that is why you have this blood lust. I am not a hypocrite. I am almost vegetarian. Why don’t you become vegetarian? You are causing pain and suffering to animals. You shoot them for fun and justify it by saying you have to eat their flesh. I have no time for you. We are world’s apart. If we met we would hit each other. And I’d enjoy it a lot.

      • Michael I know nice people who deer hunt every year and that is the meat they eat for the year. The trouble begins when you lump all hunters into the same category. If you’re getting meat from a supermarket then something still died and if you have never seen the inside of a slaughterhouse you would see hunting and a clean kill as the most moral choice for consuming an animal.
        There are of course a plethora of idiots like those featured in your story who blast anything that moves without a care or without any need or intention of using the animal in a way that respects it’s life. For this you need to go to some first nations beliefs on hunting which generally include using all of the animal and not taking what wasn’t needed.
        Hunting predators is usually unnecessary in these times. Most have been driven to the point of extinction. Bob Cats as featured sadly in the pictures prey on natural pests to humans. Predators usually only become a menace to people when they are fed, which is almost always illegal, old or injured. The requirement of wildlife corridors in some areas has nearly abated that problem.
        One of the issues with the consumption of meat is that it is so readily available from a grocer all packaged in cellophane and looking like it was plucked off the meat tree. Meat no matter where it comes from came from a living creature no matter if it came from the most humane farm or from a gunshot in the Forrest. Regardless of what we are in our personal lives my cats require meat to be healthy.

        • Thank ME. I understand your argument. I disagree. Hunting deer for meat will cause pain and suffering in the deer. Abattoirs also cause suffering and distress in the animals. To removed animal suffering we need to either (1) stop eating them or (2) improve abattoirs substantially. And the same goes for the husbandry of all livestock. That is feasible.

          You can never stop hunters hurting the animals they shoot unless they are all perfect shots and the animal dies instantly without pain.

          • I find it most interesting that you use the term “abattoir” so you can further distance yourself from the torture and suffering that you cause by buying your animal-protein foods (for humans and cats) from factory-farm supplied grocery stores.

            From Webster’s Dictionary:

            ab•at•toir \”a-be-‘twar, -‘twor, -‘tor\ noun [F, fr. abattre] (1820)
            : slaughterhouse

            Start calling them for what they truly are.

            Your rose-colored glasses aren’t deeply tinted enough yet, Dye them some more so you can further remove your mind from all the animal-torture that you cause every minute of your life.

            And to answer your other questions you put to me, about why I don’t choose to be a vegan, it is because I was born as an omnivore human. I don’t run or hide from what nature created me to be.

            They found out that even strict herbivores like deer occasionally kill other animals to eat meat.

            Even true herbivores think that psychotic vegan humans are total whack-jobs. Human-vegans suffer from permanent and irreversible brain-damage caused by an all-vegetable diet. Just like what happens to their cats that die or go permanently and irreversibly blind from a vegan diet. Humans were born with canine teeth and incisors for cutting and chewing MEATS. If you want to be an herbivore (or employ an even more restricted and completely unnatural diet of a “vegan”), then you must rip out your canines and incisors so you can be like a true herbivore, and then evolve a few extra ruminant stomachs so you can upchuck your cud to chew on. Or practice coprophagy like most smaller herbivores like rabbits and others do — eating their own feces to extract the proteins formed in them by the bacteria in their guts to digest all that cellulose. So the next time that someone yells at vegans to “EAT SH!+! YOU STUPID SELF-LOATHING VEGAN!”, just know that we are only wishing for them a better mental, emotional, and physical health.

            • You are desparately trying to find things to criticise me for and you make presumptions which are untrue. I detest abbatoirs or whatever you prefer to call them. And I said I was almost vegetarian not vegan. You misread what I write because you are blinkered. And the anger in you is horrendous. It is no wonder you like to shoot and kill animals. You are venting your anger on aniamls and justifying it by saying you do it for meat (you mean animal flesh). I’d suggest you take an anger management course and a valium. And stop hating people with different opinions to yours.

    • Respect and admire life by murdering it and not buying from the supermarket like the rest of us horrible people? Taking your big gun and destroying life that cannot fight back is mature? You really do believe all your own delusional bullshit, don’t you? Just admit you get your rocks off and feel like a big man when you take their lives you knuckle dragging, hillbilly POS, you are not some noble crusader who is better than supermarket shoppers. No You are way WORSE you ignorant vile evil shithead. Get off this site, no one on here is going to think you are right.

  2. No one needs to hunt for their food in 2018. Let’s stop with the humane or ethical hunting Bullshit lie funded by the meat and restaurant industries. There are buildings called supermarkets that sell food – including meat if that is still part of your diet – and if you have problems food banks and other organizations to help you. All hunting is disgusting and vile. Let’s just put that excuse back in the time machine and send it off to Hell. Wonder if the animal and it’s children thought it was OK for the mom or dad to be murdered as long as you did it humanely.

    • Nicely put. People can’t justify hunting because it is for ‘meat’. Hunting is unnecessary nowadays. What are supermarkets for?

  3. These POS give real hunters a bad name. Not all hunters are in it for the thrill of killing anything that breathes. Many hunters actually eat the meat of what they kill and are very conservative in their hunting. The kill ’em all boys should be in prison, not running rampant with loaded firearms.

  4. I read these articles about these body bag fillers, I swear I hear banjo music as I read.

    A time machine is needed, go back to the time of their conception, putting off the poor girls who were became their mothers would be easy.

  5. These subhumans absolutely sicken me beyond words. I wish we could eradicate all heartless humans like them. Seriously.


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