King Charles III uses vile snare traps on his vast Sandringham estate

King Charles III uses vile snare traps on his Sandringham estate which causes animal cruelty in order to protect the pheasants which are then shot which causes more animal cruelty. That’s your king.


When King Charles was Prince Charles, he was heavily criticised by PETA for using vile snare traps on his Sandringham estate to catch and kill foxes, squirrels, rabbits and weasels according to PETA in order to protect the pheasants so that the pheasants could be shot for fun by a party of games shooters on that vast estate. He has never changed his ways and has no intention to. Even PETA can’t change his attitude. He probably dislikes PETA or worse.

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We have to remind ourselves that no matter what kind of pleasantness King Charles III presents to the world, he is a vast landowner, an owner of many palaces and mansions, a man steeped in countryside pursuits which inevitably includes cruelty to animals including foxes and others.

And because he has been raised with this attitude by many generations of Royal family members, it is deeply embedded in him. He may be a good person and I think he is by and large a good person with a good attitude but it is very badly damaged by his indoctrination as a child to be blind to the cruelty of countryside sports.

Some people think PETA is extreme but they are not. They are simply facing extreme situations. And you have to face extreme animal cruelty with an extreme approach.

This article is relevant to this website which is about cats and other animals because these snares can unwittingly and unintentionally kill roaming cats and dogs. They might even be a pet cat (which would be criminal damage) although Prince Charles III entirely bans domestic cats from the Sandringham estate. What I mean is he bans cats from his rented-out properties on the estate. His mother did the same thing and he is continuing the policy. That in itself is indicative of a dislike of domestic cats. An insensitivity towards tenants who live with a domestic cat and who want to rent one of his properties.

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There are ways around banning domestic cats from rented properties. You can increase the deposit and put protections into the agreement which in Britain is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). You don’t have to ban cats. And King Charles allows dogs by the way so what’s the difference? The only difference is that the King is concerned about cats killing his pheasants if they are allowed to roam around his estate.

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You might know that the entire pheasant shooting business is quite objectionable to any animal advocate. Many thousands are shot for fun and sometimes they are simply buried because they can’t be sold to be consumed. And they are imported from abroad sometimes where they are reared on vast farms, I guess. It’s just a nasty business dressed up as a countryside pursuit in which posh people with tons of money take pleasure out of inflicting pain on animals.

On 16 February 2021, PETA wrote to Prince Charles as he was then asking him to stop using snares on the Sandringham estate following the report that a local dog, Nell, suffered for hours and could have been killed after becoming trapped by one of his snares. The letter tells us that 77% of Britons want snares to be banned according to an Ipsos Mori poll.

Snares and other animal traps are indiscriminate and can kill someone’s companion animal. So, if that happens you are killing someone’s pet in order to protect pheasants which are shot for fun. I regard that as a double whammy of animal cruelty and King Charles III is in charge of the process.

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  1. Snare traps are the most vile because the poor animal may wait days of weeks for the trapper to return or they die. Amazon sells them and we been petitioning Bezos for years to stop selling them!
    Had a black cat escape one years ago and it ripped the skin of him from shoulder to head. I was a horrific injury but he came home for it got infected. But it took nearly 3 months to heal him.


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