King The Kicked Cat Nicely Re-Homed

Bright-eyed and perky King at Chris's home. He has a nice engaging face
Bright-eyed and perky King at Chris’s home. He has a nice engaging face. Photo: ASPCA
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This is the final chapter in the story that you may still remember about the grey and white stray cat who was kicked on video and which went viral for a while due to its mindless callousness.  

Imagine having someone video you while you viciously kick a cat sending it 10 feet into the air into a bush. The arrogance of it is astonishing.

Anyway, this is a happy ending and my God we like happy endings and I want to thank Dee for picking out this little story for me.

ASPCA report that “The King Has Found His Castle”.  I like that.  King has been adopted by Chris Scordo who lives in Manhattan, New York.  Chris saw the story about King in the Daily News.  He says,

“In the paper was a photo of this really handsome cat. I remembered seeing the earlier headline about him and thought the paper had been sitting around for a long time. I was sure the adoption was over. Then I saw the date and headed to the ASPCA.”

chris with king the rehomed cat
King and Chris at Chris’s home. Photo: ASPCA
Judging by the photograph of him Chris works out a lot at the gym! Sadly, Chris’s previous cat, Chandler, died at the age of 20 of cancer, about 6 weeks before he adopted King.

He wasn’t expecting to find a new cat companion so soon but when Chris saw the photographs of King he liked his expressive face and thought he was “very bright eyed”. Chris liked King even before we met him.

Chris was surprised (as am I) to be the first person to arrive at the ASPCA for a chance to interact with King. Chris was interviewed by a cat behaviour counsellor before being given the green light to adopt him.

On the first night Chris stayed up all night interacting with King! He says,

“I stayed up the whole night that first night – King needs a lot of engagement!”

Chris says that King is a bit of a tough guy which is probably a reflection of his past life. It’s nice to know that King is still a trusting cat. It hasn’t taken him long to settle in which must be very good sign.

King allows Chris to hold him for short periods although at the beginning he was a bit unsettled. This is all normal and it seems to be going well. Chris has retained King’s name. He’s a celebrity. You can’t change the name of a celebrity, can you.

King has a bright future….

“He’ll never suffer again. He’ll have a heated bed in the winter, the best food and medical care, all the toys he wants, and plenty of love and affection.”

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24 thoughts on “King The Kicked Cat Nicely Re-Homed”

  1. Yes, Chris is a real man,but not because of his looks ,because of his compassion for kitties. But to tell the truth ,I did take a second look at

      1. Yes but the owners deserve a focus, too. Don’t you think it MICHAEL? and one suggestion from me, Why don’t you join a gym? I will if I get a beautiful cat alongwith pretty women comments 😉

        well King is very lucky cat and still some where deep in my heart, I am sad about the cruelty behaviors of human being, I don’t know how to stop or just literate such people.

        I have a suggestion for all governments of the world to add a subject from the right beginning in schools, if most probably they can add CAT WELFARE / ANIMAL WELFARE as a necessary readings from school to 10th class, maybe it can help to understand the behavioral aspect of human beings to improve towards the animals.

        But! I think five fingers are not equal and we human differ from one another in many ways. 🙁

        1. I totally agree that animal welfare should be taught at school. I have written about that. The children are the future and it will take time for improvements in animal welfare to be made.

      1. She so does!! No competition here I like them a bit softer round the edges, too much bulging there for my taste 😉

  2. I’m so impressed that this big, strong hunk of a man is a cat lover. I love looking at him.

    Hey, Chris…
    I’m up for adoption too!

  3. Thats such a wonderful and heartwarming story. So pleased and happy he’s got a forever home, where he wont be hurt and a warm bed in the winter, even better. Seems his new dad is a cat person too. Which is great. It’s good to have something positive. King looks really happy too. Great result!

  4. P.S. This is another nice feeling story designed to try and lift Ruth 😉 Hope you are OK Ruth. That said, we all need some nice stories. About 80% of cat stories are rather sad to be honest.

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