Kings Veterinary Hospital – time to laugh or cry

Kings Veterinary Hospital – time to laugh or cry

by Michael
(London, UK)

Yes, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I visit the Kings Veterinary Hospital website. The Declaw Hall of Fame website says that a certain infamous Dr. Paul LeCompte works there. I don’t know if he still does.

But I do know that the Kings Veterinary Hospital is located in Loveland, OH. You could not get a more inappropriate name if you are a cat going in for declawing – non therapeutic declawing as this is pretty much the only kind of declawing. The place should be called Hateland for a cat.

But what trumps the name of the town is their motto, their mission statement whatever you would like to call it:

“Where Pets Are Treated Like Royalty”

I think that statement needs to be qualified with the words, “unless you are a cat being declawed for non-therapeutic reasons. I am sure that there are lots of them.

How can a cat that is being severely mutilated for no good reason other than the convenience of the cat owner be described as being treated like Royalty?

This must be a misdescription surely? I would think that someone could sue them for that. It is a gross misrepresentation. Unless the partners or owners of the hospital are thinking of royalty who were executed.

Charles I of England comes to mind. He was beheaded. A similar kind of operation.

Or maybe the Kings Veterinary Hospital were thinking of Louis XVI of France who was executed by the guillotine. A very apt and symbolic event as a form of guillotine is used to chop of the 3rd phalanx of a cat’s digits when declawed.

But of course the esteemed Kings Veterinary Hospital use lasers, which they proclaim as shortening the recovery time and causing less pain (see Laser Declawing Encourages and Perpetuates Declawing)

They fail to mention that the operation is entirely unnecessary and doing it is in breach of their oath and the supposed reason why they became vets. Well we can overlook that can’t we…..I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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Kings Veterinary Hospital – time to laugh or cry

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Jun 15, 2010 tragice
by: Anonymous

Deare Lorde this is tragice.These people are learned to care for oure beloved pets but insteade theye take the advantage of the removale of theire pawe ends.
The Deare will not be verye pleased with these wretches who do these outrageouse acts of crueltye for theire owne gaine.
We muste praye they soone see the errore of theire wickede wayse.

Jun 07, 2010 Hah! funny idea of Royal treatment
by: Tracey (England)

Honestly it makes me sick when I hear of these mutilators blowing their own trumpet all the time. Self recommendation and all that? Well this is the classic case, they’ll stop at nothing to line their pockets.

I can’t understand the mentality at all; I really can’t I just get so very angry! On a very basic level I just cannot for the life of me understand why so many think that its ok to remove a part of an animal for the benefit of humans!

Jun 05, 2010 Spot on
by: Rose

You are spot on Micheal.How CAN they say cats are treated like royalty when they are doing needless operations on them.
Operations that are not for the cats benefit but for the benefit of the ignorant or cruel owners.
Pushing laser declawing is disgraceful,do they think we don’t know the only difference is lasering off the toe ends rather than cutting them off.
I feel so very frustrated that we keep coming up against these all powerful pro declaw vets who won’t admit that declawing has had its day.
They are clutching at straws now,trying to win back their clients trust by this pretence that lasering is so marvellous.
Greed,corruption and animal abuse are rife in those clinics.
The world is disgusted.Hear that pro declaws?

Jun 04, 2010 He’s poison
by: Petra

He’s a horrible, cruel, money grabbing cat hater who gets off on inflicting pain of helpless creatures. Actually he’d fit in well with the Windsors that live in the big house(s) in the UK.

Jun 04, 2010 Scumbag
by: Carol

The low down scumbag!
I cry all the time for the poor helpless cats at the hands of that inhumane butcher and his staff and the other vets like him.
I just looked at their website,they are all sat there grinning,in their uniforms paid for by aiding and abetting the mutilation of cats.
Blood money in their wage packets.
Pets treated like Royalty,that’s the biggest laugh ever.
I can hardly wait for the day declawing is banned,we WILL be laughing then.

Jun 04, 2010 huh
by: Kath

If that is how they treat royalty,I wonder how they treat peasants?

Jun 04, 2010 Like Royalty …..don’t make me laugh !
by: Ruth

Pets treated like Royalty !
Yes Michael, I have to laugh too or I’d cry.
Just imagine one of our Royal family being starved overnight then taken to a strange place without knowing why.Left there, poked by strangers with needles,then knowing no more(apart from nightmares,jerking and moaning with pain and shock at the amputation of each finger end)
Then waking up in pain and shock, shut in a cage. Having to use their stumpy fingers immediately to pick things up.Then having to adapt to living a disabled life and no one explaining why this had been done to them.
Oh yes, that’s exactly how Royalty are treated …………NOT !!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 03, 2010 Kings Veterinary Hosptial
by: Maggie Sharp

Yet another story proving the stupidness of the vets and people who declaw cats… Where pets are treated like Royalty, it would really be unfortunate to be Royalty there, wouldn’t it? You’d be fingerless!!

What a sad and sick bunch of people they must be at the Kings Veterinary Hospital… I can only hope that they stop treating pets like ‘Royalty’ and start treating them with the respect that recognises that they are animals, and animals need the defensive tools of which they were born with… And that includes CLAWS!!

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