Kinkalow cat Munchkin_Minnie

Miss Munchkin_Minnie
Miss Munchkin_Minnie. Photo: her guardian/owner.
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It is unusual to find a Kinkalow pet cat alive and well in America as they are rare and it may be unique to find a video of one. This is video of a Kinkalow with a grey-and-white tuxedo type coat. Her name is Munchkin_Minnie. She’s not a Munchkin however in the cat breed meaning of the word.

The Kinkalow is a dwarf cat. This means a normal body but short legs. About 12 years ago the dwarf cats, of which there are or were no less than 14 variants, were increasing in popularity but I sense it has waned since.

The major cat associations don’t recognise the dwarf cats because they rely on a relatively minor disability (if you can put dwarfism that way) for their existence.

The video is also amusing for the cat’s instant reaction to the play from her human guardian:

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Always ready to fight the claw 😼😼

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Health issues

There are some health issues associated with the gene that causes the dwarfism too. Although they are normally fairly healthy cats. However, these factors work against this breed. There was a time in the mid-20th century when there was a rush to start new cat breeds but it resulted in a backlash because some breeds are based on genetic flaws e.g. the tailless Manx and hairless Sphynx.

They are a hybrid cat: a cross between the American Curl and the founding dwarf cat, the Munchkin.

You can see the American Curl in Munchkin_Minnie as her ears curl backwards slightly. Technically they don’t curl enough it seems for this cat to be a good show cat.

It’s interesting to say that her ears have straightened out slightly from when she was a kitten. The curling of the ears is unpredictable. They are not born with their ears curled fully back. The curl progresses or regresses! Munchkin_Minnie is a tad overweight in my opinion.

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Another video of her when she was a kitten I believe.

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  1. Please, just make it stop!

    Breed for function!

    Function, geddit?

    Breed for function and true, beautiful form will follow, healthily and naturally.

    These are real lives being created by selfish, greedy idiots, who need some lessons in ethical husbandry and aesthetics.

    Ego removal wouldn’t go amiss for these wretched people either.


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