Kitten attacked by a dog, rehomed within hours via Facebook

Scared, frightened kitten waiting to saved
Scared, frightened kitten waiting to be saved.
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RESCUED  ATTACKED BY A DOG. Floyd AC is FULL. Must have Adoption or Rescue commitment by 6pm today!!!! Pledge, Adopt, Rescue, Share! ID 0524

This scared, frightened kitten in a cage at Floyd County Animal Control had been attacked by a dog and picked up but Floyd AC was full so someone at animal control told the army of alert, willing and able Facebook cat rescuers about this vulnerable cat, so deserving of help and voila…things happened. He/she was taken in by Furkids which is a well run shelter in Atlanta and Georgia’s largest no-kill animal shelter.

So he was saved via Facebook in double-quick time. What impresses me is the alertness and commitment of the army of mainly women involved in animal rescue who scour the Facebook animal rescue pages and dive into action when asked.

Some typical comments under the request for help:


Kimber Lee God is good! I just read about this poor guy and was praying that I’d see some good news..I am so very happy that he is safe!!

Source: (24) Urgent Cats of Floyd County Animal Control Rome,GA! – Urgent Cats of Floyd County Animal Control. Rome,Georgia.

5 thoughts on “Kitten attacked by a dog, rehomed within hours via Facebook”

  1. It’s also good for spreading the word on petitions for various causes. Besides bringing new awareness to events, in addition to actually changing the course of lives, such as this kitten’s

    I resisted it for a long time, but became open to the possibility of it being a tool for positive change.

    • I actually dislike Facebook but have to concede when they do good things in animal rescue. A lot of FB is poor and a waste of time but for some aspects of cat and dog rescue they can really do good things and people can network at speed.


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