Kitten burned in house fire adopted by the paramedic who helped save him

A tabby kitten pulled near death from a house fire in Winnipeg back in late July has now found his forever home with the paramedic who helped save his life.

Photo courtesy of Erica
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Cinder, now known as Magnus (he was named after the street where the fire broke out), was only five weeks old when Erica Ongenae and her partner, Rebecca Keddy, were on standby at the fire when they got a call in Winnipeg’s North End on July 28.

Firefighters had found Magnus hiding under a pile of clothes. The terrified kitten had soot in his mouth and was fitted with a pet oxygen mask since he had suffered smoke inhalation. For a while, it appeared Magnus wouldn’t survive.

Erica and Rebecca are animal lovers and asked the firefighters to search for more kittens or for the mother cat. No other cats were found. Once Magnus was stabilized he was taken by the city’s animal services department and seen by a veterinarian before being transferred to the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Magnus had a rough few months ahead, including surgery received under the care of the Humane Society. In the meantime, Erica let everyone know she wanted to adopt the little guy if no one claimed him. Other than a missing right ear, half his whiskers being singed away, and a broken tail, Magnus is just like any other kitten.

She said in an interview with CBC News

‘I just wanted to give him a good home. I said I wanted to adopt him if nobody claimed him. As soon as I saw him, I said I wanted to take him home.”

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Erica praises the Humane Society for the expensive care Magnus received, despite being a stray kitten. A recent post tells of their need to get funding year-round to help other cats like Magnus.

“Cinder was rescued from a house fire where he suffered burns and other injuries. He needed surgery, hydrotherapy, and plenty of aftercare before he was ready to join his forever family. He was adopted by a heroic paramedic who responded to the fire. As we head into the end of the year, we must raise an urgently-needed $35,000 to ensure we can help other lion-hearted animals like Cinder. Hundreds of animals that come through our doors each month, your help is their survival.”

Now Magnus is helping Erica’s seven-year-old daughter recover from a trauma of her own. The two have become best buddies. The funny thing is the daughter had asked for an orange cat and it turns out Magnus IS an orange cat. He had been black from soot when he was first found.

Magnus has recovered and his fur is growing over where the incisions were made. He has a little girl who loves him very much and the two of them hopefully have many more years to spend together and can heal together.

“He’s helping her get through her trauma, and she’s helping him. They have the most special bond — they’re best friends.”​

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