Kitten eats non clumping crystal litter and has discharge from urethra

Kitten eats non clumping crystal litter and has discharge from urethra

by Maggie
(pittsburgh pa)

One of a litter of Ragdoll kittens “tasted” a mouthful of that new crystal, non clumping litter that several companies now make. It was a one time occurrence.

Soon after the kitten developed a rather constant opaque, colored thickish discharge from the urethra that has to be wiped away periodically during the day.

The kitten seems to feel fine. It is as spunky, active and playful as its litter mate. The discharge has been there for a little over 2 weeks now.. The kitten was 7 weeks old at the time.

A round of clavimox was tried with no change. The vet was stumped as is the breeder.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I will make a comment in due course. Please give me a bit of time to make it (about 24 hours max).

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Kitten eats non clumping crystal litter and has discharge from urethra

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Apr 15, 2010 Inconclusive
by: Michael

Thanks for visiting and asking.

I am not a vet. Your story asks whether the tasting of the litter has caused the discharge and if not what might be causing it.

Your vet has treated for a bacterial urinary tract infection with CLAVAMOX® and there has been no change in the symptoms.

I have not used the litter that you describe. It is a silica gel based litter as I understand it.

My research clearly indicates that this type of litter is not poisonous particularly when in the non clumping form,2. Although it may cause irritation to the lungs and/or digestive tract1. Anything that might be bad for health about silica gel would not as far as I can see cause a discharge as described. The addition of sodium bentonite causes a silica gel litter to clump. This type of litter is not suitable2, it seems for kittens but this is not the case in this matter.

I don’t see a connection between tasting what is considered non-toxic litter and a discharge from the urethra, which would indicate a bacterial infection.

I would conclude that there is no causation. Your kitten is acting as if he or she is not ill and two weeks has elapsed.

I would watch and wait. I have researched the matter carefully and nothing has ‘clicked’ as being appropriate – sorry.

There is one last point. It may be that your kitten does have a urinary tract bacterial infection and that a different antibiotic will be successful in clearing it up.

1. Fisher Scientific (1997-02-09). “Silica Gel Dessicant”


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