Kitten flushed down toilet by 2-year-old is rescued by Kansas fire department

Your happy ending story this week comes out of Ford County, Kansas and is brought to you courtesy of Ford County Fire & EMS(FCFD). What started off as an interesting rescue call turned into a life or death rescue of a three-week-old kitten, who was flushed down a toilet by a two-year-old.

Floor dug up to rescue kitten trapped in toilet (Ford County Fire & EMS)
Floor dug up to rescue kitten trapped in toilet (Ford County Fire & EMS)
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FCFD was requested to a rural residence after the kitten was flushed down the toilet by a two-year-old. The child had been left unattended by the mom and decided to flush the little kitten. Unfortunately, a confined space camera showed the kitten had traveled beyond the reach of those sent to rescue it and was wedged just past a bend in the pipe.

The only option was for the rescue team to dig up a portion of the floor. After moving a considerable amount of dirt they were able to locate the transverse section of pipe. Tim Wheaton and john Hinderliter from Omo Plumbing were there to assist and were able to free the kitten after 2 1/2 hours.

Now dubbed “Miracle” by her owners, this wee one is doing fine and is recovering from her ordeal. She was a bit lethargic when rescued, but after being warmed with a towel Miracle was placed back with her mother.  Miracle’s owner calls FCFD “true heroes” and made the decision to keep Miracle.

Kitten rescued from toilet plumbing
Tiny kitten rescued from toilet plumbing

Robert Boyd, FCFD fire chief, reported they do a lot of animal rescue, but this is the first cat they’ve saved from a toilet.


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4 thoughts on “Kitten flushed down toilet by 2-year-old is rescued by Kansas fire department”

  1. Astonishing on three counts (a) why does a child albeit very young flush a kitten down a toilet (b) how did the kitten survive and (c) the plumbers are great.

    What a mess to clear up. Some major reconstruction needed.

    Thanks Elisa.

      • It is a pity he will stay with this family but I am hoping he grows up remembering what happened and one day gets his own back and teaches the youngster not to mess with cats.

      • It’s troubling to me too, Elisa, that a 2 y/o was unattended long enough to do this. Sort of think that this kit and others shouldn’t stay in that home.


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