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Kitten Freaked Out By Bearded Dragon — 9 Comments

  1. Not my sort of entertainment really.
    I’ve never found much homor in watching animals, kids, or old people scared out of their wits.
    I think, too, that the kitten could have gotten really hurt on that polished wooden floor.

    • I struggle a bit with this sort of video. One the one hand it is cute and amusing but it is what I call “soft exploitation”. I always feel concern for the cats and if you do that it can’t be as entertaining.

  2. What concerns me most is that it looks like the kitten is limping on his/her front right leg at the start of the video, it looks swollen to me and after the awful fright and tumble I hope whatever the injury was wasn’t made worse. As for the video, it might have been funny if it hadn’t been set up, if it had happened naturally, but the BD’s were put there and the video set up especially to see how the kitten reacted, and the poor thing’s shock obviously gave the brats something to howl with laughter about. Well I say that the idiot who made the video should have been doing something about that bad leg not setting up a shock like that on a shiny, slippery floor for the poor creature to hurt itself more.

    • OMG Babz you are right, just watched it again, the kitten is limping, poor little soul at the mercy of those uncaring idiots!

        • I didn’t notice the limp the first time I watched it, Babz is very observant, it’s sad that so many people like and share a video of a cat getting a fright 🙁

        • Watch the first few steps right at the beginning of the video, you can see how carefully the kitten steps with that paw and I think the leg looks swollen, once you see that you will see that the leg isn’t right.

  3. Well the family are certainly having a good laugh at the kitten’s expense anyway 🙁
    What a lesson for those giggling children.

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