Kitten gets stuck in the weirdest of places and ways

Kitten stuck in side of boat
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Kitten stuck in side of boat

Nova Scotia, Canada: This little kitten appears to have poked his head through a hole in the side of a boat. It seems to me that the hole was for an oar but I’m not sure. You can see from the video that he got his head through the hole and that’s as far as he got. He was firmly stuck and making a very faint distress call. And it all happened in the middle of a raging rainstorm.

The boat is within a boatyard and the son of the boatyard owner, Kelly Tattrie, heard the faint cries and wondered what was happening. He crossed the road to find out and was shocked at what he saw. He decided to video it and it is indeed disturbing but it is pleasing to report that they got the little fella out but with great difficulty.

The kitten was hanging by his neck and is the offspring of a cat killed three days earlier when struck by a car. She delivered her kittens in the boat.

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They decided to take action immediately because they were worried that the kitten was fading and might die. Sometimes people call for help, for example the fire service, but in this instance they successfully freed the kitten by sawing away a piece of the boat around the kitten’s head. Obviously they had to be extremely careful not to hurt the kitten.

A woman, Allison Jamieson, got to hear about it and within half an hour she decided to adopt him. She calls him Sable. He’s got a clean bill of health and is well loved.

There is another serious aspect to this story, namely that in an ideal world this kitten should not have been born. He is the product of an informal breeding and therefore we have to gently criticize the owner of the kitten’s mother. I understand that the owner of this kitten’s mother is the boatyard owner and the father of the man who saved the cat.

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