Kitten Photos: Cute Overload Bar One

A selection of kitten and mother photos from Google Plus, which are very cute. What is called “cute overload”. There is some fun and humour. The tragedy is that there is amongst them a photo that is the product of an act of wanton wickedness. It is here because if was there – on Google Plus.

The shockingly sad photo in the middle of this page is the most viewed on Google Plus on my search. I don’t think this is because of sick voyuerism. It is because it somehow informs us about the nasty cruelty that can exist in the world. It is shocking in another way: what is cute overload for most, is a target for a brutal attack for other people; the people who have lost all sensibilities. These are the cat killers who are dead from the neck-up. There is no place in the world for them. They despoil the world. They make it worse. The world would be better off without them. OK, here are the photos. The text above provides a short description.

The power of learning by observation. This is more proof if needed that kittens and cats learn by observing. Watch what you do!

kitten copies mother in reaching up to kitchen counter

Marc says that his cats like the tablet computer games. This cat has gone a step further. Full of excess energy to burn.

kitten is driven to energetic play by a tablet computer

Closeness between kitten and mom, with kitten waking or grooming his mom.

kittens grooms mother

This is the tragic one. The kittens were killed by some monstrous imbecile and the mother tries to wake them. The dark side of life is in this image.

mother cat tries to revive her killed kittens

Cute overload. Mother cats are so gorgeously protective of their young.


The tabby cat coat is made abundantly clear in this tapestry of tabbiness.

tapestry of tabby cat coats - kittens feed at mothers breast

A spectrum of British Shorthair coats up the scale from white to grey. Scaled-up super cuteness.

three british shorthair kittens suckle their mothers breast

Lastly, a picture that has been around for a while: a chip of the old block. That’s my boy!

a chip of the block - mother and kitten - calico cats

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Kitten Photos: Cute Overload Bar One — 32 Comments

  1. They are all so cute!!!!! Except for the mommy one where the kittens are dead 🙁 I want to cry people are cruel I once saw a video of a teacher (this is in real life)berry 4 baby kittens in the sqchools ground and he had witnesses! Stupid people! Why not get the police! At least he was arrested for animal abuse. Well he thought 1 was dead, the others will die too.

  2. The mother cat is more Devastated than we could imagine. You can see the anguish, grief and shock on her heartbroken face. So very sad.
    Eva says-

  3. I need to know about the horrible stuff out there because I want to help but I don’t want to see it 🙁 It plays on my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it to the point where it completely clouds my judgement.

    • I know how you feel Leah, my mind is full of horrible images from years back, sometimes I think I have room for no more but if we don’t see and share them then the abusers are getting away with it and will keep on doing it.
      It makes me feel very helpless though at times and sick to the stomach.

  4. Horrible, horrible picture that poor mother cat looks so desperate, I wonder who took the photo and where that person was while someone was murdering those poor kittens. Sick.

    • Good point. The motives are difficult to know. There is some value in seeing it. It reminds us that the pink, fluffy, cute overload world of cats and kittens is great but it is not the whole story, far from it.

      • Not the whole story by any means but so sad for people who care about cats to see such as this and be completely powerless to help the cat- where is she, is she safe, is she dead as well – the deed is done and the photo is horrible unless it could be used to bring the criminal who did it to justice, I can’t think why anyone would take such an awful photo, it will gladden the woodies and upset the POCers

  5. That photo is really really painful to look at. It’s terrible. It’s the worse thing in the whole world. It’s hard to see any other reason for it than a person’s cruelty. He probably killed the mum after?

    Michael what do you know about this photo?

  6. I don’t understand Michael – was that photo on cute overload? Cute overlaod is a nice website basically – did somebody put that picture on cute overload to hurt other people? Do we know how the kittens died? Were there comments under the photo? What do you know about it?

    There is a video on youtube titled something like “mother cat returns to find kittens dead and saves the last one” but I never clicked play on it so I didn’t see – but I imagine it looked like this.

    That photo is the worst photo ever – it’s awful.

  7. 🙁 What a sad sad world that the picture of the mother with her dead kittens was the most viewed.
    It will give the Woodys a thrill, that’s for sure.

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