Kitten rescued from behind a glass wall adopted by the man who found it

A kitten trapped behind a glass wall in China has not only been rescued but found a forever home.

Kitten trapped behind glass wall (TOMONEWS)
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The kitten was spotted earlier this month lodged behind a glass wall in the southwestern city of Chengdu, China by a karaoke receptionist named Dong. There was no gap for Dong to pull the kitten to safety, so he called the property manager for help.

The kitten was pulled through the tunnel built by rescuers (TOMONEWS)

The YouTube video is long, but only the first few minutes show the rescue of the kitten (along with some very strange graphics).

It was determined the kitten had been stuck there for 72 hours without food or water in the glass wall, which was built between aluminum door frames and a load-bearing wall. The building staff went to work digging a tunnel so they could rescue the kitten.

After helping with the kitten’s rescue, Dong decided to adopt the kitten.

Success! (TOMONEWS)

Thank you to everyone involved for rescuing this wee soul. Congratulations on your new family member, Dong.


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