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Kitten stolen from animal hospital lobby (video) — 3 Comments

  1. wish there was some way to track her down, and hope that place and others will start being more careful and locking cages

  2. I’m rather shocked that she was allowed to wander around in the waiting room Both Vet clinics that I use check you in at the door just coming in to have a look around would alert them that something was up.

  3. This isn’t too uncommon here.
    I’m as baffled as anyone else as to why anyone would resort to stealing any cat or kitten when they are in abundance here. No store or restaurant parking lot is without. Not all are feral and can, easily, be handled.
    I hope that this thieving woman is caught and forbidden to have any animals, ever. A person’s character tells a lot about how well treated a cat would be in my book.

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