Kitten stuck under the hood of a van is rescued by Columbia mechanics

A tiny kitten is safe in Columbia, South Carolina after being rescued from under the hood of a van after becoming stuck there. This is her story.

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The kitten, now known as Lucky, was a passenger under the hood compartment of Joy Harley’s van, who is a respiratory therapist for Life Home Medical in Columbia. On May 3 she heard a kitten meowing from under the hood. When unable to rescue the kitten on her own, she took her van to Precision Tune Auto Works on Broad River Road.

Shop manager Tom Daniel told WBTV News

“Mrs. Harley came in and walked in the door and asked what can I do for her and she said ‘well, I have a strange request,’” Daniel said. “She says I have a cat hung under my hood it’s been there for three days, can I do anything for her and she says sure I can try it.”

Tom and his coworker, Topher Shirah were able to take apart the pieces of the vehicle’s engine that had the kitten trapped in about eight minutes. Lucky’s little head was caught up in the brake lines and she would have died without rescue.

Joy’s co-worker, Kathleen Felder, has offered Lucky a forever home. Joy reports Lucky is very cuddly and loves to climb. The Precision Tune staff if happy they were able to assist in making this happy ending possible.


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