Kitten Survives 3-Story Fall Inside Microwave


This is a story from about 10+ years ago. It is not news but it is good to look back and reflect sometimes. Also, I wanted to revisit some old posts and republish them as at today’s date. The world has changed since then. Perhaps it was one of the first of the genre of what almost became a meme: young men abusing cats for the hell of it and worse of all filming the whole thing. I has happened a lot over the last decade. There was a spate of them about a couple of years ago. The problem for these young men is in their ignorance they provided law enforcement with hard evidence which is often sufficient to successful prosecute them. This sort of ‘selfie cat abuse on video’ crime is a form of self-indulgent madness.

I believe that this kind of animal abuse happens in countries with good access to the internet and social media because it is on social media that these miscreants seek fame by uploading videos of their crimes. This is why they occur mainly in developed countries. Without wishing to malign America it is one of the hotspots. Only ignorant people could do it so education is the cure.

The only way a person can throw a kitten in a microwave out of a 3-story window is if you have zero sensitivity to the sentience of the animal. You have to treat the animal as a innanimate object. The kitten is no different to the microwave. It is as if there is a blank spot on their brain which does not register the fact that the animal has feelings and can experience pain. It is a failure, too, to understand the consequences of their actions. There is a psychopathic element to these animal abuse crimes. But then kids are often inherently psychopathic. They’ve failed to learn cause and effect.

On a technical note, if the kitten had fallen from the 3rd story (not inside the microwave) they’d have suffered far less injuries because of the cats righting reflex and their ability to parachute down from great heights by fanning out their legs.

Tostino is expected to recover

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Tostino is expected to recover

The story written by Elisa

Good day readers. I have another story of cat abuse, and thankfully survival, to report to you today.

I’d like to tell you about a kitten, named Tostino by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) staff, who survived a 3-story fall inside a microwave while the abusers filmed it on a cell phone.

This occurred on November 3, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and two teen boys have been charged with animal cruelty.

On this date a 15 year old and a 16 year old male were both charged with one count misdemeanor animal cruelty after placing Tostino into a microwave, wrapping the electrical cord around the microwave, and tossing it out of a third story window in the 4500 block of G Street in the Juanita area of Philadelphia (see map below). While this was taking place, one of the boys filmed the whole thing using his cell phone camera. Right down to the microwave hitting the ground-smashed flat from impact.

Tostino was still trapped inside when police arrived.

Thankfully, a neighbor heard the microwave hit the pavement in the back alley and called the police. When the police arrived and went to confront the teens, the two boys jumped out of the same window they threw the cat out of.

This situation is heartbreaking. The 15 year old boy, who was the owner of the 2 to 6 month old kitten, decided he didn’t want it anymore.

Tostino was examined by the Pennsylvania SPCA Veterinary staff and diagnosed as suffering from multiple cuts and bruises from the fall and also a concussion. He’s in bad shape, but the SPCA is hopeful he’ll recover from the injuries and find a furever home. He won’t be placed up for adoption until his injuries have healed enough for him to leave the shelter, where he was reported up and walking around.

There are a few good video’s on this page showing the progress Tostino is making as he recovers. Look at that sweet little face! He did nothing to deserve this.

A chihuahua was also removed from the home by the PSPCA at the time they investigated the abuse. PSPCA spokesman George Bengal said the condition of the dog is good, although it’s living conditions in the home were less than desirable.

The 15 year old spoke with NBC Philadelphia on Thursday and admitted he didn’t know what he was thinking to make him commit such a cruel act. He is now under house arrest and has been place on a GPS monitoring system.

If convicted, both teens face a fine of no less than $1000 and up to two years probation or jail time.

For privacy purposes because the teen is under age, I haven’t mentioned him by name, but would like to inform the readers here his name can be found at here.

This type of abuse is becoming all too common. The readers at pictures-of-cats who live outside of the U.S. may not realize how common these cases are becoming. One major problem here with teens is the fame they hope to achieve by placing videos on YouTube and other video sites. Just type in “microwave kitten” and you’ll see what I mean by this.

I believe their video would have been uploaded had they not been “caught” by a neighbor. Thank you for reporting this, dear neighbor. The world needs more animal lovers like you!

I’ve done several articles connecting animal abuse by teens and CDV and the possibility of teen abusers later moving on to crimes against people. Here are some of my best articles and I’m proud to have written them. They pull the blinders off of people who deny this is going on in their own neighborhood. If I can teach one person to call police about suspected abuse, I’ve completed my mission for writing.

So what do the readers here think should happen to these teens? Personally, I think the punishment should be the maximum the law allows. It’s the only way to stop this growing problem. Education may help, but cold hard cash and jail time are the only thing some of these teen abusers are going to listen to.

We, as a society, need to make animal abusers very afraid of the legal system. Which hasn’t even begun to happen yet.

Tostino, you’re a VERY lucky kitten to have survived a microwave horror story. Most aren’t as fortunate and I hope you find a furever home with people who will love and protect you.




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Kitten Survives 3-Story Fall Inside Microwave

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Nov 17, 2011
by: noob

wow dumb kid jumped out the window and broke his legs and threw the cat out

Jan 13, 2011
Crime Does Not Fit Crime
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

House arrest? Misdemeanor? Are you kidding me?

I concur – I’d be right there with you…let’s stuff these boys into a cabinet, tie it shut and toss it out a 2nd or 3rd story window! See how they like it!

What’s worse is the comments from the 15-yr old’s father – just excuses! Like the 16-yr old was that much of a bad influence! Bull! If this kid had the proper upbringing, there is NO WAY that he would commit such a henous crime! AAAARRRRGH!

Nov 17, 2010
so sad
by: Kathy W

Again just another sad story about bad humans. This poor kitten looks like he had more abuse than just the window tossing. Look how sad his face is. I pray those boys get what they deserve. Another notch of human badness. The state of Michigan does not have school on the opening day of deer hunting season. So we ingrain into our children that the opening day of hunting season should be a holiday??? I dont get it. So in Michigan they teach their children its ok to go out and kill animals. Ill bet theres a lot of animal cruelty in that state. Why not they teach their children its ok to go out and kill animals. Another sickness of the human race.

Nov 15, 2010
very very very sad
by: Anonymous


Nov 15, 2010
by: Ruth

I’m with Vanditta and would glady volunteer to lock those scumbags in a solid tin box and throw them from 100 blocks up.
Yes the parents are partly to blame but by we reach our teens we usually have a sense of right from wrong ourselves ! We know cruelty causes pain so in my opinion those teens are EVIL and I hope someone gives them the just punishment that the maximum from the law never gives.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Nov 14, 2010
I agree with Michael
by: Maggie

I’m with Michael on this one. Stories like this are just depressing. Especially when comparing the wonderful lives our cats have to the torture that baby went through. It’s not fair.

I hope those stupid boys get a prison sentence. If they’d done that to a human baby things would be different, wouldn’t they. That would be considered attempted murder. But when it’s a kitten it’s only animal cruelty? No, it’s far more than animal cruelty. No one would expect a 6-month-old kitten to survive that. They intended for the kitten to die right from the beginning.

Nov 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I think these awful teens should be punished by spending time in jail for this horrific crime. Kids, teens and adults that do this to the innocent animals will someday do this to humans as well. The only way to stop this is to completely punish these teens. By just fining them and putting them on house arrest is NO punishment. After they pay the fine, get off house arrest they will revert back and do the same thing. PUNISH them so that they remember what it is like. This is just showing teens have too much time on their hands. UGH this is awful..

Nov 10, 2010
Too bad to view
by: Kathy N aka LuckyKat

Elisa, I agree with you. In fact, I’m such a woose (sp?) that I never view the videos…I’ve already seen way too much since introduced to animal abuse years ago. So, I know what’s in store and that I won’t sleep for days because of the images in my mind and my desire to “stop it” when I know it’s already too late. But…we do continue ‘good fight’ for animals. Thank you for so much that you are doing … what a testament to the GOOD in the human race. I forget, sometimes, that there are genuinely wonderful, loving people in this world. Yes, “too bad to view” … I can’t even imagine and I don’t want to know…only an address I can petition, etc…at least that much I can do. I don’t know how you do it..many many high regards!!!

Nov 10, 2010
Some are too bad
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

Some stories are too bad for me to report. I had a story sent to me that I couldn’t even look at the video. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen and you don’t even want to know. I’m just glad this baby lived and I hope the teens are made an example of. “I’m sorry” just doesn’t cut it in my book.

Nov 10, 2010
Sad, sickening, horrific
by: Kathy “LuckyKat”

Well, I just don’t understand this…all of it. The world is going crazy. Kids need to be controlled, I don’t care how “politically incorrect” it may be thought to be….control those damned brats! Or incarcerate them. I believe that anyone who abuses, neglects, abandons, tortures animals should be prosecuted with the same laws as those applied to these acts against humans. AND…if someone kills an animal, give them the DEATH PENALTY!!! No less! No more tolerance for animal cruelty! What the hell is the matter with the human race? INSANITY RULES the human race.

Nov 10, 2010
kitten survives
by: Anonymous

it makes me sick when i see and here about abuse i dont understand it at all no animal deserves that what is this world comming to and those teenagers need to have an example made out of them

Nov 10, 2010
by: Vanditta

I am all out of words, haven’t got any left 🙁 What is wrong with people..what?? Why are they doing this? I am getting more and more scared of what will happen in the future, they will continue to abuse these precious angels. There should be more strict laws about this, 2 or 3 or 4 years won’t do. There should be severe punishments. I say put them in something and push them from a 100 floor building! (My Opinion) and I would happily volunteer to do that. If people can’t respect animals then I am sorry but I can not respect people or have pity and compassion for people.

Nov 10, 2010
by: Michael

This sort of story depresses me actually. Sorry. It is the mentality of the children that is worrying. There are too many kids like these and it is not the kid’s fault that they are unable to make a moral judgment. It is about parenting and taking responsibility for children brought into the world.

Far too many people have children in the most shockingly casual way, for their benefit. They seem to forget that the person that they introduce to this harsh planet have to live a full life on it.

Michael Avatar


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