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Kitten takes a ride in the engine compartment of a car and finds a forever home — 8 Comments

  1. I am very sorry to inform you all of this but I am the oldest son of Kelly I am the one on the left, but Hitch passed away last night in my moms arms at 2 years old. He spend most of his time in the last few weeks in a couch and at one point he meowed like he was in pain and I told my mom and she thought nothing of it. Not her fault though. My mom told me he came out and he was social and started becoming a little weak by the end of the day and she thought our dog must of got a little rough with him. The next morning he still was a little slow at walking and when my mom came home from work he was on the ground laying there like he was paralyzed because she picked him up and he was limp. Took him to the vet they said he was failing fast and in order to find out what it was she had to pay a fortune. So my mom took him home and made him conferrable and he died in her arms. If anyone knows what this could be please let me know! We will never forget him he was always so happy, we called him the “Happiest Cat on Earth” and our “Engine Kitty” “The cat that put us on the NEWS! We are still grieving me and my mom are taking it the hardest. But we will be okay, Thank You All!

    • This is very sad but thanks for commenting Nate. So sad though. If I can think anything useful to say I’ll write another comment.

  2. so glad that kitty is SAFE, & now has a new home…i think. did they say they were just gonna “adopt” or “foster” that kitty? i hope its adopt cuz im sure the PTB(Powers That Be)sent that kitty to those people. happy endings abound!!

  3. Sweet story. The little guy was lucky (or was it deliberate?!) that he hitched a ride in a car owned by a cat lover. Thanks Elisa.

  4. That’s how we ended up with Cleopatra. She took a ride in the engine compartment of a bucket truck. I am blessed to have her. She is super and loving and complements our family.

    • We have a car fan blade cat named Sealy. Just Google Sealy from the search engine on PoC. He lost an ear and is a bit strange but he’s the sweetest kitty ever. I just saw one of the cats at work in the cab of a bulldozer so I understand their fascination of hiding spots.

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