Kitten Tied Up To A Pole

Kitten Tied Up To A Pole

by Anna
(Long Island, NY)

Kitten tied up to a pole - photo copyright

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Kitten tied up to a pole - photo copyright

Hope you can see that picture of a beautiful blue-eyed kitten tied by the rope to a pole. As I've understood this is what they do to cats in Vietnam. While dogs are allowed to roam the area with no restrictions, cats spend their life on ropes.

You can see how horrified and miserable that kitty is. I've lost my sleep since I saw this by accident on the I had to contact the site administrator to get permission to post this picture here.

There are quite a few cats seen on the leash walking around the Central Park in Manhattan. None of them seemed to mind. In fact, they were proudly deciding where to go, and their Moms would kneel down and crawl around the grass and the bushes together with their furry babies. But this is different.

This story was supposed to be about the cat's behavior, but it really is about human's. How is it possible? Is that really true? Does anybody know anything about treatment of pets in Vietnam? I do not know much about the Vietnamese culture ...but my heart is bleeding.


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Kitten Tied Up To A Pole

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Sep 23, 2011 Simply Heartbreaking
by: Nisra

Oh my goodness gracious!! That poor kitten looks stangled and starved! I hope the cruel stone hearted person burns in hell. This is torture amoung torture. Obviously the Chinese aren't a good role model. I was simple discusted at the Chinese eating cats and dogs and treating them like they are silly toys that don't matter. Now the Vietnamese are doing it too!? You know, when I decide to get my own buisness, I will make a proper carehome for cats,dogs,rabbits and animals alike and stop this horrer. Getting back on topic.

That kitten looks about 1-3 weeks old and its on a rope tied to a post. I would like to boil and skin the ignorant person who done that to the cat alive. see how they like it.

Anyway, I'm simply heartbroken. I wish I could save that cat (or could have if know). I would give it a good home next to my other cat named boots and my friendly dog named jade. I would love it forever and ever <3.~Nisra xx

Apr 18, 2011 Heartbreaking
by: Ruth

The photo of that poor little kitten has upset me greatly !
How terrible that fate causes some cats to be born in some countries to lives of misery like that.
Cats are free spirits, not to be collared and leashed and treated as dogs. It's bad enough dogs being yanked along by their necks or tied up, but to do it to a cat is just cruel.
I hate all the evil people in this world.
Ignorance is excusable, cruelty is not and every humam has the capacity to think and reason so all cruelty to animals is to me, pure evil.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 17, 2011 Mental Cruelty
by: Michael

This treatment will leave the cat mentally damaged I believe. It is genuine animal cruelty. In the UK the person would be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and convicted.

In Vietnam they eat domestic cat too in the same way as in parts of China. The cats are killed in a brutal manner. Cat meat is served up in restaurants.

They clearly have a different attitude towards animals. Personally I hate it and despise it but from their perspective it is perfectly OK.

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