Kitten will cast a love spell over her new forever family

NEWS AND COMMENT: The words in the title are those of the Assistant Manager of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Tracy Woodworth. She is describing a kitten who she’s convinced has some magic in her because of the her story and her rescue. I’m impressed with this kitten’s rescue. It shows the selflessness and genuine concern of many Americans who love animals. They have named the two-month-old kitten ‘Houdini’ and you can guess why.

kitten rescued from the walls of a Las Vegas home - Houdini
kitten rescued from the walls of a Las Vegas home – Houdini. Photo: unattributed but probably Martinez or Woodworth.
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The story begins with another remarkable creature, in the form of a young female woman whose name is Alejandra Martinez. Martinez founded a TNR program in 2017 at the age of thirteen! It’s quite amazing. She is considered the Simi Valley feral cat expert at the age of sixteen. Her nickname is “Kat”. She is dedicated to caring for feral cats and does all she can to help them with the distribution of feral cat information, assisting with TNR and helping to find homes for adoptable kittens et cetera.

Well, I’ll get to the point of the story because she was called out to a home in Las Vegas where the owners became unsettled by the constant quiet meows in their home. They searched and searched their home for what I guess they thought was a stray kitten or cat inside the home somewhere which had wandered in but without success. They know doubt scratched their heads, sat down and figured out that the quiet cries were coming from the walls of their home. They decided that a kitten had become trapped inside the walls and they called, I guess, Martinez for help.

What’s extraordinary, or perhaps what was necessary, is that they decided to break down their walls to recover the kitten. I think that’s pretty good but perhaps there was no choice because you can’t live in a home with the sound of a kitten crying for help constantly surrounding you. It would be intolerable.

They managed to rescue the kitten and you can see her photograph on this page. Martinez fostered Houdini and brought her back to full health and then connected up with the Helen Woodward Animal Center via a rescue partner Forgotten Angels from where she will be adopted. Perhaps she already has been adopted because she’s on the news.

Woodworth said, “She is really an incredible kitten. You can see it just by looking at her. We are convinced he has some magic in her and she’s definitely going to cast a love spell over her new forever family.”

You can contact their adoptions department at 858-756-4117 extension 1 or visit their website on

I am grateful to the Del Mar Times for the story. If there is anything incorrect in the story please leave a comment. The photograph is probably by Tracy Woodworth or Alejandra Martinez but it is unattributed.

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