Kitten With Button Eyes Captures The Hearts of Millions

This is the story of a Florida cat named Ferrari who has captured the hearts of millions since his story went viral. The buttons shown sewed to little Ferrari’s eyes aren’t a form of torture or animal cruelty. Ferrari recently underwent surgery where real buttons for eyes were used to hold his third eyelid in place while he heals. The ingenious button surgical technique that was used has been around since the 1950’s and will protect and save his eyes, although he’ll most likely be blind.

Ferrari Collage
Ferrari Collage. Note: the spelling of his name is incorrect in the collage as far as I can tell.
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Ferrari is a sweet kitten who was lost in the world and incorrectly labeled ‘feral‘. The kind volunteers at Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare of Volusia County took him into their care and realized Ferrari isn’t feral at all.

Unfortunately the little bundle of love contracted a virus prior to his rescue that attacked his body as well as his eyes. One of his eyes ruptured and Ferrari was taken to Freiberg’s Healing Paws vet clinic where he underwent emergency surgery to save his eyes.

The special buttons will make it more comfortable and less risky for Ferrari. They’ll be removed in about a week. The procedure will also allow Ferrari to heal more quickly. Jennifer Mizner of Freiberg’s Healing Paws told News 6:

“The buttons hold the cat’s third eyelid in place so blood vessels can bring blood to the cornea to help heal it quicker.” 

Ferrari. Close up.

Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare was given an estimate of $500 for the surgery, vet visits and the cost of medications. A YouCaring webpage has been set up here. Or you may donate directly to Freiberg’s Healing Paws by calling 386-615-7297 or 386-615-7296.

The rescue will work to find Ferrari the perfect forever home once he’s healthy and healed. 

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  1. Bless them all who helped Ferrari. The vet has a kind face. I wish Ferrari all the best for the future. Someone should love him hugely all his life. The reward will be as huge. Thanks Elisa.


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