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Kittens Advertised for Sale As “Live Bait” for Fighting Dogs — 10 Comments

  1. Pingback:Quote from a dog fighter: “The hardest thing is to get enough..cats to use as bait…” – PoC

  2. The problem of pet pedlars acquiring free or cheap kittens is very real in the Merseyside area. The kittens are sold on for up to £170 each. Lazy journalism by the Liverpool Echo led to this article being sensationalised into one about dog baiting. There is no evidence that the two individuals do provide kittens fir bait but there is a lot of proof of them selling sick and/or underage kittens

      • The article was sensationalist. The two individuals it Is in respect of are prolific pedlars but there is no evidence they acquire kittens for bait. We do not, however, know what happens to any kittens which don’t sell
        RSPCA have now dropped their investigation, saying there is no baiting going on – in respect of the two women involved in this peddling report

  3. “Live canaries and hamsters for play-toys for cats! Cheap!”

    I bet not one of you would complain about that. You most certainly don’t complain when you use free wildlife for that purpose of yours. The only thing that you’d complain about is the price, it’s not free now.

    • This is such a stupid comment. Cats hunt for prey as it is natural. Humans give kittens to dogs as live bait to enhance their fighting skills. Are you saying these are the same? You are a damn fool.

  4. This sort of thing happens here all too often. It’s sickening.

    But, a few years ago, I had a man knock on my door asking to adopt 3 kittens that he had been told were left on my porch 2 days before. He was brazen enough to tell me that he wanted them to feed his snake.
    Trust me, my behavior was less than lady-like.

    I had never advertised at all. But, I have to beg anyone who does advertise, please be very cautious. Ask many questions. And, if they are opposed to having a visit to their home, that’s a big red flag.

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