Kittens are born with claws, so don’t declaw your cats

by Finn Frode
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Blue boy with big claws

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Blue boy with big claws

Blue boy with big claws Blue girl with claws out too Ruddy girl with claws withdrawn Jinnee (Ruddy Abbyssinian) & her litter

This beautiful litter of Abyssinians were born yesterday at the Tick-Tag cattery, Denmark. The photos were taken by owner Helle Andersen just a few hours after Jinnee had given birth to her kittens and as you can see - even these newborn kittens have long claws.

The fact that cats are born with claws on their paws may come as a surprise to some cat keepers in countries that still allows declawing - like the USA. Cat owners, who apparently value their beloved furniture more than the welfare of their pets. But cats come this way and they do have claws even before they open their eyes. It's not a mistake that has to be corrected.

Why? Because they'll need their claws now, just as they'll need them later for scratching and defending themselves. Right now finding a nipple and getting the mother cat's milk flowing is the first task the newborn kitten has to master - and it must succeed to survive. Once at the nipple the kitten will stimulate milk production by kneading and the tiny claws help to increase the stimulus.

In case you don't know, declawing is actually an operation that amputates the outer bone on each toe. Not just the claws, but the bones they grow from as well. How would you like having your fingertips cut off?

Jinnee's kittens are fortunate enough to be born in a country that does not allow declawing. Over here we have better and much cheaper ways of saving our furniture - it's scratch boards, scratch poles, cat trees and similar devices that allow our cats to follow their natural instincts.

Photos are copyright of Tick-Tag cattery - and used with permission.


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Kittens are born with claws, so don't declaw your cats

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Apr 07, 2011 To softpaws saved my hands
by: Ruth

Softpaws are a million times better than declawing but please make sure your kitten has a good tall strong scratching post and his claws free to use it sometimes as scratching is very important for kittens muscles to grow healthy and strong.
Cats need to dig in their claws to stretch their muscles and the joys of being a kitten are doing that and grabbing toys with front claws to kick at with the back paws.
Kittens grow out of scratching , you only need to distract them with a scratching post or toy.
What are a few scratches in comparison with a kittens happiness ? They grow up all too soon and in comparison with ours their lives are very short.
I have treasured/treasure stillthe cats we have, every moment of every kitten and cat in my life because I love cats so very much, claws and all.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 06, 2011 Opposite
by: Leah (England)

Good on you 'softpaws saved my hands' but unlike you I can't understand why people don't like claws. Cats come with claws, end of. If you don't like claws just don't get a cat! Its like me saying I got a puppy but I'm scared when he gets older he will bite me or chew the furniture so because I like dogs but don't like fangs then I'm getting him defanged.

Apr 06, 2011 Declawing should be outlawed
by: Softpaws saved my hands

I have a very playful 6 month old kitten and I can understand not liking his claws. But there is a wonderful product called Softpaws and its little gel caps that you glue onto each claw. My hands are not covered in scratches so I'm happy. My kitty is happy cause he isnt overwhelmed with guilt over scratching me.

Apr 06, 2011 Declawing kittens
by: Michael

It is horrifying to think that if this kitten was in the USA, not that long after these photographs were taken there would have been the likelihood that this kitten would have undergone a very painful operation to remove parts of the toes of the front paws for no other reason other than the whim or preference of the cat's "owner". It makes me feel sick almost.

Apr 06, 2011 Absolutely gorgeous
by: Rose

Those little kittens are just so gorgeous,so is their mother.
Thank the Lord there is no evil doctors in your country like those who can hardly wait to get their grubby hands on those beautiful claws in the US to chop or burn them off.

Apr 06, 2011 Jinnee and her kittens
by: Ruth

What lovely photos of Jinnee and her kittens, thank you so much for sharing them Finn.
Those kittens have wonderful, beautiful, essential claws, all brand new and I'm so glad they will never suffer from having them taken from them as many cats do in the USA and Canada.
As you say, they are born with claws so it's obvious they need claws.
Anyone who thinks otherwise should never have a cat in their lives.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

1 thought on “Kittens are born with claws, so don’t declaw your cats”

  1. Whoa shit-starters, settle down! You are talking about a VERY small percentage of cat owners in the US. Tiny. Microscopic.
    Declawing has been considered unacceptable and inhumane here for DECADES. Doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or not, nobody declaws their cats anymore — and I can assure you that “chopping” and “burning” cats’ toes off is not, nor was it ever, a thing.
    Where do you people get your information?! Ridiculous.


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