Kitten’s cry versus baby’s cry

A kitten’s cry to demand something or other, usually warmth, food and security is more attractive than the baby’s cry. Discuss! Both the kitten’s cry and the baby’s cry are sounds which get the maternal and paternal juices flowing normally. It doesn’t always apply. Not everybody has the usual maternal instincts. There is a comment on the website from a woman who said that when she was a girl given a baby by her mother, she simply felt nothing except slight revulsion at the fact that the baby was smelly, noisy and heavy!

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Hard not to be attracted the sound of a kitten

But it is probably fair to say that almost everybody will be compelled to look kindly upon this kitten crying in the video above. It’s a very gentle, very vulnerable sound. It’s a sound which drives us to want to help. It is the vulnerability which tweaks my brain and brings out the nurse in me.

Never been paternal

I was never particularly paternal. I’ve never had children. And I find the noise of kids to be horrible. I have good and sensitive hearing. The noise of screaming kids both young babies and older children annoy me. I find the sound objectionable. I don’t feel the same way about the sound of kittens crying.

Hate the sound of screaming kids

When I hear the sound, I want to help. When I hear the sound of a young child screaming, I want to do the opposite! I want to tell them to shut up and go away. Children are psychopathic because they have no sense of the consequences of their behaviour. They should know better would be my argument and it’s their parents’ fault when they behave badly in public.

Kittens are more attractive than babies

But when kittens cry out for help it is so natural and beautiful. It is nature. They are, of course, much smaller than babies. They actually look nicer than babies. Kittens are incredibly attractive. They are balls of fluff and fur whereas babies can look quite ugly.

Kitten smell better than babies

And babies smell of poop! Kittens smell as well but they smell nice! They sound nice and smell nice. Babies scream and smell horrible! You can see that I don’t like babies.

The mothers who read this (if anybody reads this) are going to be upset. If so, could you please comment?

Some people love cats more than humans

There is no doubt that some people love their cats a lot more than they love their children or their husbands! Is that normal? Of course. It depends upon the person. You can’t criticise somebody because they love their cat more than they love their husband or even their child.

A lot of people think that cats are better than humans anyway. They don’t play games. They aren’t sneaky and impossible to deal with sometimes. They don’t become alcoholics or drug takers. They don’t steal from you. They behave instinctively as nature dictates. It’s their naturalness which is attractive and to a lot of people they look better than humans as well. One woman on social media said that she cries sometimes when she is with her cat because she loves him so much.

Evolutionary mess up

Another person on social media asks whether it is a “mess-up in the evolutionary program” when people think baby animals are cute but don’t think that baby humans are cute. This is a very big topic which I will touch on here.

Babies become adults and then what?

The reasons that I’ve mentioned above come into play obviously. Another reason is that babies grow up to be adults and adults humans can be horrible! Adult humans are not pure. Kittens and adult cats are pure because they are instinctive.

People change when they are parents

Sometimes people who aren’t parents look upon babies as annoying and irritating but when they become parents they change. You will find that lots of men who change when they become fathers. Well, that is according to the movies. So, one’s perceptions do change if you are a father compared to being an outsider, as I am.

Baby features

And also, kittens and puppies have exaggerated baby features. As mentioned above, they are better looking really than human babies. Babies are soft but puppy fur is softer and those big round eyes of a vulnerable kitten set within a round and vulnerable face is cuter than the face of a human baby.

Don’t feel bad

Finally, no one should feel bad about liking kittens and the sounds they make over babies. There’s nothing wrong in it. Interestingly, a lot of people in the West are no longer having babies. They don’t want to bring babies into the world. Perhaps they think the world has deteriorated. It is more dangerous. But perhaps people are seeing the downside to having babies. Not only are they noisy and troublesome and a high responsibility, they are also very expensive as it can cost over £250,000 to take a child to adulthood, to the point when they are independent of you. If you want to stay poor have a baby.


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  1. Cats have a different hearing range to us humanoids. We only hear part of kittens’ meows, I believe… But, yes, human babies’ cries are shrill and often extremely loud for their small size!

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