Kitten’s Fierce Determination to Survive

This kitten’s fierce determination to survive has captured the imagination of all those who have read his story. They call him ‘Warrior’. Warrior was rescued from a factory where he was injured by a forklift truck. Warrior’s injuries were very severe. The wounds covered most of his body. He was rescued by The Kitten Cottage in Cape Town.

kitten's fierce determination to survive
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Little Warrior on the mend. Photo: The Kitten Cottage

They bandaged him and administered antibiotics. The situation seemed helpless they said but this little boy’s fierce determination to survive pulled him through.

Companion Aided Healing

Another kitten, Butterfly, was introduced to him which was a nice idea. He seemed to pick up. They became best friends and played together. A very neat way to help recovery. You can see that he received long-term intensive care over the four months of his recovery. Great work by the rescue organization. And he was re-homed with a nice couple, The Kitten Cottage say.

kitten's fierce determination to survive

Here he is at his new home.

The first picture on this page, which I presume was taken by someone at The Kitten Cottage, is excellent and it tugs at the heartstrings. Let’s hope his has no mental scares. He looks like a longhaired orange tabby bicolor: orange and white.

There are many tales of a kitten’s fierce determination to survive against the odds. I can remember a story written by Elisa of a kitten who was placed inside a microwave and then thrown off a building from the third floor. He survived and was rescued.

On a slightly different topic I said that adult cats can survive for 10 days without water and 35 days without food on this page.

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4 Responses

  1. Cat's Meow says:

    I love happy endings. I hope that Butterfly was adopted with Warrior.

  2. Gail/Boston, USA says:

    So glad Warrior had the will to live. Even better, he now has a permanent, loving home. An ending to a pretty horrible beginning. As for the microwave kitten story, I clicked the link as a reminder. Now I’m sorry I did. I remember the feelings an anger within when that story first came out (obvious by my comments at the time). Those comments still stand today.

    • Michael Broad says:

      What some people do is totally beyond my comprehension. I think the photos make this story. You know the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words.

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