Kittens found abandoned in Upstate are now ready for a forever home together

Everyone has been asking about the Christmas Eve rescue of two Siamese sisters, one blind, who were found abandoned in a bamboo field in Upstate South Carolina. I’m happy to report they’re ready for a forever home, and they MUST stay together.

Pippin & Merry ready for adoption (must go together)
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Merry and Pippin are around eight months old now and have been in foster care since late December. Unfortunately, Pippin’s eyes were removed because oral antibiotics and eye ointments/creams did not help. She had no vision and the specialist vet made the determination that it was best to remove them.

I spoke to her foster mom last night who said

“These are two special girls that have stuck together and would make a home complete. They are litter box trained, no special care needed except indoors only. They do seem to enjoy a screened porch. Pippin can conquer a flight of chairs like a champ and is a pro at cat towers.”
They will, of course, require an indoor only home. The girls must remain together since Merry is Pippins “guide cat.” These sweethearts are located in Upstate South Carolina. Anyone interested in adoption is asked to contact the Anderson County Humane Society at in******@gm***.com.

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3 thoughts on “Kittens found abandoned in Upstate are now ready for a forever home together”

  1. Elisa, I linked to this story awhile back on my Facebook page. Now, several of my readers are asking if the two kittens have found a new home yet. Any news?

  2. Someone out there please open your hearts and adopt these two inseparable soul-mates **
    I know there is that one very special person just looking for these two cats to become a permanent part of their family.

    P.S.-Cool Fact >Blind cats develop a very fine tuned sixth sense*

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