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Kittens Stoned By Kids — 4 Comments

  1. I hope those kids get help. If they don’t they are headed to the world giving abuse to others.Its apparent they have no parenting at home. I sincerely hope they are found and get some serious contsuling along with the parents. The parents need to be held accountable just like the kids.

    • Well said Nancy. It is about parenting. So sad because these kids may have a difficult life if they have this level of dysfunctionality.

      • There is a % of the population that simply lack any emotion, love, empathy, or regard for life in general. These types cannot be rehabilitated.

  2. This is one of those inconceivable situations. I was in love with cats and animals as early a I can remember. I was totally head over heals for cats but our family always had a dog, and I was never allowed to adopt one. I love cats even more now. I cannot comprehend any child doing this to an animal. This is truly disturbing. It horrifies me to the bone. I am assuming that these children do not have animals to associate with love and kindness in their homes. Or if they do…😱 I hope that these kids were identified and will learn how morally incorrect their actions were.😰😰💜🗝️

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