Kittens Stoned By Kids

Maryland, USA: Yes, by children. What happened to their upbringing? Alley Cat Rescue (ACR) have reported an example of cat abuse which is disturbing. All cat abuse is disturbing but when kids do it is is worse in my view.

ACR and a passerby saved the lives of two kittens and their mother. The passerby saw children throwing rocks at the kittens and their mother and she/he intervened. Two of the kittens had been killed when the two remaining kittens were rescued. The mother had run off.

Kittens stoned by kids

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The person contacted ACR who having assisted in the rescue of the two kittens went looking for the mother the following day. Fortunately she was found hiding under a parked car not far from the scene of the crime (no one has been talked to by the police as I understand it). The mother cat was trapped and reunited with her kittens.

The three have been named: June Bug (mother), Star and Boo. The young ones are in foster care. They’ll be adopted in due course.

The kids should be re-educated if it is not too late. This sort of behavior can lead to similar behavior against people later in life. It seems that some kids (1) don’t understand the consequences of their actions and (2) fail to realize that animals feel pain and distress. There seems to a complete lack of sensitivity towards animals. They may have the same callousness towards humans which would be very troubling. It can only be due to poor parenting surely.


The mother is a black tortoiseshell while her offspring are tabbies. Source: via Lady Free Thinker. Thanks ladies.

4 thoughts on “Kittens Stoned By Kids”

  1. I hope those kids get help. If they don’t they are headed to the world giving abuse to others.Its apparent they have no parenting at home. I sincerely hope they are found and get some serious contsuling along with the parents. The parents need to be held accountable just like the kids.

    • Well said Nancy. It is about parenting. So sad because these kids may have a difficult life if they have this level of dysfunctionality.

      • There is a % of the population that simply lack any emotion, love, empathy, or regard for life in general. These types cannot be rehabilitated.

  2. This is one of those inconceivable situations. I was in love with cats and animals as early a I can remember. I was totally head over heals for cats but our family always had a dog, and I was never allowed to adopt one. I love cats even more now. I cannot comprehend any child doing this to an animal. This is truly disturbing. It horrifies me to the bone. I am assuming that these children do not have animals to associate with love and kindness in their homes. Or if they do…😱 I hope that these kids were identified and will learn how morally incorrect their actions were.😰😰💜🗝️


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